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simpleburn (idtecnologia)

Here you will find information about pfSense, which is an incredible open source information security software. License: BSD

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flosstudio (fpesari)

Collection of data and tools to categorize libre music-making software

Data is CC0 Code is AGPLv3+

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livesystem (frankendres)

Live-System is a script to build and install live DVD/USB Linux systems, with data persistence. It is the successor of Slackware-Live, now supporting Arch Linux as well. It is an unintrusive solution : it uses the distribution kernel, core tools and boot scripts, and does not need any configuration. This software is governed by the CeCILL license under French law, compatible with the GNU General Public License.

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symposium (jafarlihi)

Symposium is a free modern discussion forums software with MIT license, made with Go and React. It is currently work-in-progress and aims to reach a state where it can rival Discourse and Flarum.

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Buffalo Grass

buffgrass (rearleharris)

A CD of the last remaining tracks of Ned Christie and the Last Cherokee Deadbeats. All tracks released under Creative Commons 4.0 SA-BY

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Spins by Kilz

spins (spinsbykilz)

A Manjaro/Arch unofficial repository to hold GTK theme packages, Kvantum (qt) theme packages, new grub themes, new lightdm themes, icon themes based on mint icons that I have created. Also other packages that I have changed like gnome plugins, wallpapers, and compiled packages from the AUR. Most packages are under the GPL3 but some may be under other free licenses. At present it is about 350mb of packages, but it is growing slowly. I dont see it growing above 1gb down the road. A simple website to link to other FOSS things the project has created hosted on other sites.

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devnull (linarcx)

Hello TuxFamily Group!

My name is linarcx. I am a web developer and gnu/linux enthusiast. I want a space to share my learned things with other people.

I have arch linux for about 5 years and learned many things during this time.

It is very cool to have a web site to share my experiences with the world.

I will choose CC-BY-SA license for my website.

Best Regards. LinArcX.

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welkin (pini)

Components for networked, text-based applications, distributed under 0BSD license

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obsidianos (nifou)

ObsidianOS is a multitasking, POSIX compliant and written in Rust Operating System (OS) under GPL license. It means that this operating system is entirely compatible with GNU/Linux operating systems and that this OS is under the same license than GNU/Linux. However, this operating system is not written in C but in Rust which is more safer, faster, memory-efficient and which has a great documentation.

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openrpi website

openpi (openrpi)

RPiDroid creates optimized prebuilts of android on the raspberry pi. This will hopefully become our website. Please ignore "openrpidroid", the creation was an accident. We'd also like to host our git repositorys here. Our code currently lives at Our code is a optimized fork of android-rpi on github. We provide the following additions to android: Prebuilts for rpi, Optimisations for rpi (kernel&device configuration, preinstalled apps). We also try to help with other projects on rpi, like crankshaft (android auto on rpi, where we created a rpi4 port). Our code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Our fork of the linux kernel is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.

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