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Lemni programming language

lemni (ramblingmad)

A functional, statically-typed dynamic programming language licensed under the AGPLv3.

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Erik's OpenBSD distfiles

ecb (erik7)

This project is a small (less than 100MB) download repository of distfiles for my OpenBSD ports. All ports are licensed under ISC or another free-as-in-freedom license.

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prof-doc TZR

profdoctzr (isaz)

Wiki qui rassemble des infos professionnelles (administratives et pédagogiques) pour professeur(e)-documentaliste remplaçant(e). Les contenus seront diffusés sous licence CC by sa.

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mathématiques et enseignement

matheach (cyrilleg)

Dans ressources et des outils pour l'enseignement, les mathématiques et l'enseignement des mathématiques. Les contenus seront diffusés sous licence CC BY. Il s'agira d'un site SPIP.

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venuk (svenucca)

Blog qui traitera d'Internet, GAFAM, degooglisation... Sera publié sous licence "CC BY-SA 3.0"

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1101 Distributed Hypergraph Database

1101 (prjceladon)

Named after the galaxy IC1101, 1101 is an AGPLv3+ licensed massively scalable, distributed hypergraph database designed for AI and analytics, with a unified vision for global education in mind.

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Causal Runtime's

causal (udet)

official mirror of:

An attempt to define a kind of algorithm led by principles of causality observed in complex, non linear systems.

For a further insight please see the projects wiki and its most complete implementation

Liceced by AGPL-3.0-only

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Football Suite

football (jack)

This Football Suite is a set of programs for American Football coaches. It is targeted for small colleges and high schools. The software is built on the Qt framework and coded in C++. It is provided free of charge to any institution and is licensed under GPLv3.

Currently the suite includes four programs: Football Video, a video editor that splices video from multiple cameras on a play-by-play basis; Football Analysis, provides multiple reports on an opponent's tendencies (or your own); Report Video, view video for any section of a tabular report; Player Grades, provides the user with mechanism to select elements of play to be graded and apply it for each play in the game.

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simpleburn (idtecnologia)

Here you will find information about pfSense, which is an incredible open source information security software. License: BSD

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flosstudio (fpesari)

Collection of data and tools to categorize libre music-making software

Data is CC0 Code is AGPLv3+

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