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smohaweb (smoha)

My blog about free and open source software. Will be released under CC-BY-SA and other free licenses.

Thanks ;)

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rover console

rovconsole (aleale99)

rover console in pyqt5 teleoperate a home made mini rover

Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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hadimotalegl (hadimotale)

Education GNU / Linux Ubuntu Privacy Android development Licenses

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msXpertSuite: the expert massist's software suite

msxpertsuite (rusconi)

This page will be used to present the msXpertSuite mass spectrometric software package.

Currently, three modules are available:

massXpert: data modelling and simulation software for linear polymers;

mineXpert: mass spectral data reader, analysis and data mining software.

Announcements of new versions, of new developments will be made here. Normal blogging about software development will belong to this page. Personal opinions might creep in from time to time, but always related to software development or software-related fields.

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robogoat (assolila)

An image editor for Android based on the GEGL engine. This is an experimentation with a stupid name because I just can't find better for now.

License: GPLv3.

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historia (jeromeb)

Historia est un jeu de stratégie et de simulation historique au tour par tour disponible sous Licence Publique Générale GNU.

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Fork - Linux Lietuvai

fork (ka0l)

Fork - Its lithuanian Linux users community. Our website provides news about Linux distributions and open source apps.

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Rheolef C++ library

rheolef (saramito)

Rheolef is a programming environment that serves as a convenient laboratory for mathematical computations involving finite element methods. Rheolef is both a C++ library and a set of commands for unix shell programming, providing algorithms and data structures.

Home page :

Rheolef licence : GPL-v2 (free software)

Rheolef is distributed in the Debian GNU/Linux system

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frundis - semantic markup language

frundis (anaseto)

The frundis language is a semantic markup language with a simplified roff-like syntax under a BSD-like license, originally intended for supporting authoring of novels, but it can be used for more varied stuff. The language focuses on simplicity and strives to provide good error messages, while allowing one to explicitly mess up when needed and finely control output for a specific format.

The goal here is to have some services for the project (such as a mailling list).

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GRACE Bundle

gracebundle (donbala)

A suite of Matlab/Octave programs for manipulating and analysing level-2 datasets of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellite mission. The programs are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 license.

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