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3v1deb (3v1n0)

This project has born as an Ubuntu Repository to give extra binary software to community. Then it included a blog and other tools to share the my knowledge about the open-source project I followed/worked.

I actually use it to store some of my open projects and resources (being focused mostly on Openmoko and other embedded development).

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adbui (seraf1)

ADBui est une interface à ADB (Android Debug Bridge) disponible en licence GPL v3

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aditamdev (trogeat)

Automated and DIstributed TAsk Manager. ADITAM is an open-source tasks management system. Flexible and easy to use, it can be adapted to any kind of needs. Features :

* Running tasks on a servers farm * Execution reporting * Groups & Users rights management * Programmable execution by setting date and time * Portable : ADITAM works with GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and *BSD systems. * Databases : As we know, MySQL, PostgresSQL and SQLite are supported but ADITAM should work with almost all others SQL Engines

ADITAM is a lightweight software that involves few system resources.

Due to a splited architecture, ADITAM is easily deployable in any existing infrastructure.

The project is under GPLv2 License.

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AI scripts

aiscripts (gremy)

AI scripts est une implémentation (python, prolog et matlab/octave) des principaux algorithmes d'intelligence artificielle (au sens large).

Ces scripts ont avant tout une valeur pédagogique et seront utilisés pour illustrer de futurs articles/tutoriels.

Dans la mesure du possible, ils seront écrits de sorte à être réutilisables sur de vrais projets (sous forme de librairies).

Au programme : * Apprentissage statistique : Perceptron, Adaline, PMC, Kppv, SVM, SOM, Kmean, Adaboost, ... * Recherche opérationnelle : parcours de graphs, programmation mathématique, ... * IA symbolique

Les scripts sont sous licence MIT.

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Allegro game programming library

allegro (siegelord)

Allegro is a cross-platform library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming. It handles common, low-level tasks such as creating windows, accepting user input, loading data, drawing images, playing sounds, etc. and generally abstracting away the underlying platform. However, Allegro is not a game engine: you are free to design and structure your program as you like.


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Ancient Beast

ancientbeast (dreadknight)

Ancient Beast is a turn based strategy game where you have to materialize and control a small party of units that have unique stats and abilities in order to defeat other players.

This project was carefully designed to be easy to learn, fun to play and hard to master.

Play it online for free from

The licensing of the project is AGPL 3.0 for code and CC-by-SA 3.0 for assets.

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anemon (tamtam)

Anemon is a free Dhcp Server/Client/Relay release under GPL. It's writen in python and use mysql to store configuration and leases.

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arakhne (galland) is a community site dedicated to open-source softwares. It provides free software from the members and several Linux packages (Debian, Ubuntu...).

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archux (miggols99)

This is a website with mainly Arch Linux tutorials, and my blog about Linux and technology. There are also general tutorials for general Linux distros. The content will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. See for more information.

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