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wenlog (aydahbb)

I want to create a website about my experiences in software industry, my general thoughts and ofcourse open source and software freedom. It will be licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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tribus (guezengar)

Cet espace numérique est une galerie virtuelle pour l'atelier tribUs, un Parcours d’Éducation Artistique et Culturel dans les écoles élémentaires de Poitiers Sud qui a débuté fin 2019 et s'est interrompu à la survenue de la pandémie, ainsi que ses projets de spectacle de théâtre et d'exposition photographique.

Aussi bienvenue à ce partage alternatif, à ce vernissage dématérialisé anti-covid friendly.

Le contenu de cet espace est mis librement à la disposition du public selon les termes de la Licence Art Libre.

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webcordapt (itai)

A Debian (apt) repository for WebCord: (MIT license)

Updates usually arrive a few hours after a new release. Please note that this repository is unofficial (though the creator of WebCord knows about it), so if you have any installation problems please open a issue here: and not in the WebCord git Repository.

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Raspbian Addons

rpiaddons (rkfortner)

Extra open-source software packages for the Raspberry Pi, under the GNU General Public License. Some packages are written by me, and others aren't, although the goal of this is to make known open source software that isn't in the RPi repositories.

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blubird (discquest)

Flappy bird written in Java and running on Blu-ray players. It is open source licensed under MIT.

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g1id (magicvinni)

Vous voulez apprendre la programmation du langage libre Python ? Vous ne savez pas par où commencer ? Sur g1id, lancez-vous dans un projet qui vous motive et apprennez au fur et à mesure de vos besoins au travers de vidéos pédagogiques. Les cours proposés sont sous licence LDL.

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Educate The Youth

edukate (quirkylawer)

This project aims to bridge the gap in education that underprivileged children face. We aim to do this through a dynamic blog, node.js application, and multiple progressive web apps. Our project is under the GNU GPL license.

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pitvwebsite (grbavacigla)

Smart TV for Raspberry Pi built on AlpineLinux. It (will) supports movies and tv series, songs, weather forecast, streaming, online accounts! Features user authentication and session control. It is secure, you can change your password and revoke sessions. Written in Django (only bootstrap javascript). More features to come. Licensed under GPLv3.

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Free Form of World

ffworld (pooyabe)

Are we free? or just we live in a bigger cage? Who knows that we may be entertained by a series of artificial concepts of freedom so that we do not see the enslavement of others? You can change the concept of freedom in a society and feed people by that, so they fight for your goals, when they think they are free. This project is nothing but to peer the concept in all human life dimensions (life - thinking - humanity - technology - Software - industry - work - philosophy, etc.). This project may talk about how to bake an omelet to how to program an Operating System; But in any case it will make you discuss with yourself on what is freedom, what is freedom and what is freedom.

This project will be under "CC BY-SA 4.0" License.

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mehregan times; notes for free people

mehreganxyz (mehregan)

A Blog for writing articles about free software, libre documents and notes about privacy and gender and race equality in Persian using GFDL license for documents and GPLv3 for codes.

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