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lll (er24)

This is an open source project under GPL-3.0 license. I'm going to share my useful knowledge, projects and ideas about the field of computer science, specially artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and data mining, plus my experiences about the GNU/Linux world such as introducing distributions, free softwares and so on. Thus people can use them for free. I hope that what I share is positively effective. I believe that life has 3 main purposes that are:

learning, loving, living.

This is the line of my life and this project will simply move on this line.

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Laboratorio Libre

lablibre (heckyel)

Hola que tal estimados amigos de Tuxfamily, serían tan amables en dar espacio a este proyecto web que tratará sobre seguridad web y cómo protegernos de programas maliciosos trabahando con los lengyajes PHP,HTML5, Python, Ruby, que estará bajo la licencia GPLv3.

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WXW RenderFarm

wxwrenderfar (arunmani)

Respected viewers, My project is a complete non-profit renderfarm. It is for Blender , another FOSS software for graphics and game engine. My project just wants a website that's all. And we want a website to show our aim. We are a complete nonprofit organisation so we don't ask for single penny. We ask only for a simple donation. Let me tell you breifly about my project. We are a free renderfarm for Blender. How we do this is simple. A person who wants his .blend to be rendered will send his file to us by email. We will render it and send it to the person by email. In his desired format (.mp4,.avi Etc). We do this for free. We don't want any money. We don't ask for money even if it is a 10,000 frame project. We will do it for free. Currently there are only a few completely free renderfarm for Blender. So we want to be part of the few. And help this world. This is all my project is about.

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Christian Science Archive

csarchive (rearleharris)

A small public archive for primary historical documents, in PDF format, of the religion of Christian Science, founded in Massachusetts, USA, in 1866. All PDFs released under Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike (if not already in public domain.)

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freeworx (gnuman)

I want to create my personal site to host a simple static blog about free software (GPLv3 and other GNU Licenses) shell scripts and little free software (GPLv3 and other GNU Licences) programming projects in C/C++/Python for Arch Linux and other GNU/Linux or BSD distributions.

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Allegro game programming library

allegro (siegelord)

Allegro is a cross-platform library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming. It handles common, low-level tasks such as creating windows, accepting user input, loading data, drawing images, playing sounds, etc. and generally abstracting away the underlying platform. However, Allegro is not a game engine: you are free to design and structure your program as you like.

Homepage: http://liballeg.org/

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Le temps des gens

letemps (seranne)

(désolé- manquait les détails sur le 1er projet) Album poético-politique publié sous licence art libre en état d'urgence citoyenne / présentation complète sur letempsdesgens.fr Je cherche de toute urgence un hébergement pour mettre en téléchargement libre les fichiers zip de l'album intégral en mp3 et wav, respectivement 45 et 676 Mo

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Araok : en avant pour un monde plus simple, plus fort.

araokisa (isa)

Araok est un site web de diffusion de contenus structurés sur des pratiques créatives à partir de matières premières brutes. Il contient : - des idées de réalisations avec tutos, - des topos sur les matières premières et leurs utilisations, - des explications sur les savoir-faire utiles pour ces réalisations (sculpture, vannerie, poterie, travail des fibres, etc). Il préesnte également l'intérêt d'un style de vie re-connecté à notre environnement naturel. Araok est un site statique, et des liens sont prévus (à double sens) entre le site et une chaîne youtube. Tous ces contenus sont sous licence libre, le site comporte la mention "This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License" et le logo correspondant.

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xnovapt team

xnovapt (ptgames)

xnovapt are a portuguese project to creat/develop an online game. This project is based on starting `Ogame clone´ under GNU GPLv3 License. Will have a bugreport system, a wiki a blog/forum...

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linarcxpro (linarcx)

hello tuxFamily Group! my name is linarcx.i am a web developer and gnu/linux lover.i want a space to spread my Learned things to other people.i have arch linux dist about 1.5 years.and learned many things during this time.it is very cool to have a web site to share my Experience to other people.ang raise our free community. i will choose CC-BY-SA license for my website. Best Regards. LinArcX.

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