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Alberti Draw

alberti (worminger)

Alberti Draw is a perspective drawing and layout application written in Javascript, SVG, and HTML5. It can be thought of as a lightweight drafting solution that runs in a browser. Alberti is licensed under GPLv3.

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Ancient Beast

ancientbeast (dreadknight)

Ancient Beast is a turn based strategy game where you have to materialize and control a small party of units that have unique stats and abilities in order to defeat other players.

This project was carefully designed to be easy to learn, fun to play and hard to master.

Play it online for free from

The licensing of the project is AGPL 3.0 for code and CC-by-SA 3.0 for assets.

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Arkandis Digital Foundry

arkandis (hirwen)

New hosting for the Arkandis Digital foundry. Free fonts for free publication fonts are under opensource lisence (GPL with font exception, Vera, utopia, AFPL)

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Blender Forum francophone

Blossoms project

blossoms (girin)

A short animation video written for the Mozilla Foundation, as a promotional video dedicated to present Firefox Flicks 2013.

License CC-by-sa and Art Libre

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flukz (yukito)

Video game editor, allowing anyone to create video games without programming knowledge (currently, only shoot'em up games). Programmed in C++ with Qt library. Licence GPL v2 for the source code, GPL or CC-BY-SA for the artwork.

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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock

glxdock (cairodock)

Cairo-Dock is a light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (under GPLv3 licence).

It uses Cairo / OpenGL to render graphics (many in correlation with Compiz) with full hardware acceleration. It's fully configurable and fully customisable and can be used as a taskbar too. You can easily add applets in the dock or as a desklet. It is recommended to install the PLUG-INS package (cairo-dock-plug-ins) to have acces to more views, dialogs and many plug-ins and applets. Some screenshots are available :

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La Communauté Eden Gira

lceg (ceg)

La Communauté Eden Gira propose un lieu d'entraide et de partage des connaissances sur l'univers créé autour de Myst et Uru.

Son contenu est placé sous licence CC-BY-SA.

Une place particulière est réservée aux développements sous Blender et Python en relation avec les projets libres OSMO (Open Source Myst Online) et OSUL (Open Source Uru Live).

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mmogerl (gehel)

Ce projet a pour but de créer un ensemble serveur (en erlang) client (en python) pour la création de mmog en 2d. L'ensemble du code source est sous licence FreeBSD.

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scengine (yno)

The SCEngine project, which stands for Simple C Engine, is a set of tools and libraries distributed under the GNU GPLv3 providing an OpenGL rendering engine. It intends to break the compatibility with the old versions of the GL in order to offer a large set of modern rendering techniques.

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