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  • Groupname: clicnact
  • Users: anjon
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    Free suite of educational activities for small children (2-8 yrs old). More than 1000 activities, an interface which runs in English, French and Arabic. Designed for children with special needs. Full description here : Licence GPL V3.





    The home site for "ClicNAct" a suite of free educational activities for children. This package is designed to be downloaded and installed on a computer for offline use. You can turn off your internet access while the children play safely with more than 200 carefully chosen educational programs containing over 1000 activities. The interface provides verbal help in English, French or Moroccan Arabic (you choose your language) which explains what to do to the user. Those who read can follow the text in their language on the bottom of the screen. The software was designed for children with special needs, this is why on startup it removes the Windows desktop icons and task bar (it restores them later) and provides the possibility to lock the user into either an activity or into the base menu (to protect the user from the complexity of a normal computer interface and the computer from random clicks of a lost user). ClicNAct contains a particularly good selection of very simple activities. It also contains many activities designed specifically to help children with special needs develop in areas where they typically struggle. The system is much appreciated by children from ages 2 to 8 without any particular learning difficulties and generally enables them to work for long periods of time without needing to call for outside help.