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    Version of Puppy Linux containing all required files and environment for undertaking the Bob Findlay iCanProgam "Linux Programming", beginners course. Course is provided in return for a donation to a cancer charity. iCanProgram Puppy Linux The iso contains, so far, the RCS system, Tcl/Tk, SIMPL, as well as a full Linux version (based on Puppy 4.1.2) that can run as a live CD, on relatively low powered machines (256Mb RAM works fine), or can be installed, in various ways, including on flash drives. It should work "out of the box", but I would welcome comments, suggestions for improvement, and especially any problems with running the course, using it.





    Web space to describe how to use Puppy Linux, and possibly other lightweight distribution/os, as a development environment. Eventually to include comment forum. Initially will contain How-Tos for use of the iso in download repository, and how to make an equivalent version from a vanilla Puppy Linux and sources. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all content will be GPL and refer to opensource material, E&OE.