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    Lit is a program to teach reading to illiterate adults, young children, and adolescents with poor literacy skills.

    Did you know that millions of people cannot read and write properly -- even in industrialised countries like the USA and Europe? The number of illiterate people in developing countries is huge, often the majority are illiterate.

    Lit will be distributed as a Firefox extension so it is easy to install and use in a we browser. Secondly, there will be a live CD so people without reading or computer skills can take the CD to any computer and run the software without the dependency on others to install and guide them. Independence is part of the plan to reduce inhibitions. They would only need to learn how to use the mouse and for that there will be a movie tutorial which automatically starts on the CD.

    Illiteracy causes social and economic barriers which are bad for individuals. Illiteracy also limits democracy because knowledge and laws are in written form. Those who cannot read, cannot inform themselves of their rights and options.

    The Lit Now project aims to change that by distributing free software to teach literacy world-wide. The software is to be available in many languages. Computers are becoming available everywhere, and Lit will run with low requirements.

    More information at:

    License is GPL v. 3


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