Details for group My Round Robin Scheduling

General information

  • Groupname: myrtsch
  • Users: myrtscht
  • Description:

    This project contains a program and a module, both written in Perl, which help you to run tournaments (or parts of them) using the round robin system. Firstly it was aimed to be used for table tennis (there the "t" in the end of "myrtscht" comes from). But over the time it will develop to be game independent.

    The license will be the combination of GPL and Artistic License used by Perl.





    This web space is used to make the information related to the myrtscht project available to the whole world.

GIT Repositories

  • myrtsch/programrel.git

    This repository contains all the files related to the program "myrtsch" itself and not aimed to be used in other programs. The module "myrtsch" is based pn will also be in there, but may be separated later.