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  • Groupname: sge
  • Users: freundlich, phillemann
  • Description:

    sge is a portable open source graphics engine written and usable in C++. It makes heavy use of the language features provided by C++ and of the utilities found in the boost library, while maintaining a high level of conformity and portability (we compile with the highest warning and standard assurance levels enabled). It currently features an extremely high performance sprite library for fast 2D drawings, as well as basic 3D support (no higher level features like model loading supported yet). There are also plugins for image loading, audio loading and playback, and work has begun on an extensive documentation including lots of examples and tutorials.

    The project is licensed under the LGPL version 2.





    This place will be used for spacegameengine's homepage. Descriptions of the engine, tutorials and the documentation will go there.

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