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  • Groupname: tapage
  • Users: prevot, vgberyllium
  • Description:

    Tapage is a free platform and distributed to easily develop modules for "social". Once the modules are created, they are already decentralized, social, and can exchange data on Tapage generated from an external service. This allows on Tapage to prompt new features. It will therefore always be able to incorporate new features essential to a social network over time.

    licence : AGPL





    Le wiki du projet Tapage.


    Server hosting "Tapage" + hosting forum developers. I start the process to request that ServerName included all subdomains to the same folder. --------------------------------------------- Hébergement du serveur Tapage + hébergement du forum des développeurs. Je recommence la démarche pour demander que ServerName inclus aussi les sous-domaines vers le même dossier.

  • pour que je puisse tester mes modifications avant de les envoyer sur le git. ----------------------------------------------- so I can test my changes before sending the git.

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