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General information

  • Groupname: vixn
  • Users: ngolian
  • Description:

    Vixn is a programmers' GUI text editor using python and gtksourceview, but with a command mode based on vi.

    Its main advantage over vim is its support for multiple windows in one instance, including multiple views of the same buffer and special "throwback" windows which make it much easier to deal with search results and compiler error reports.

    Vixn is distributed under the terms of the GPL (v3).


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    General web site for vixn with documentation, news, bug tracker (flyspray) etc etc.

GIT Repositories

  • vixn/vixn.git

    The main public git repository for development of vixn.

Mailing Lists


    For discussion about how to develop vixn.


    For users to get support from me and each other, share tips etc, about using vixn.