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General information

  • Groupname: wiikifoxhub
  • Users: wiikifox
  • Description:

    Repository for my personal FOSS projects.


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    Main web area to show the list of projects for the download repo, a portfolio, and links to docs and tutorials for the projects hosted here. All the content will be available through git under a GPL-3.0+ license

GIT Repositories

  • wiikifoxhub/web-area-git.git

    Git repository with the source code for the web area. GPL-3.0+

  • wiikifoxhub/paper-mail.git

    Repository for PaperMail, a not-so private messaging plattform: every account has a space in an infinite grid, and to send a message to another user, every online member in between can see and add stuff to the message. GPL-3.0