Details for group ZeMarmot

General information

  • Groupname: zemarmot
  • Users: girin, aryeom, nodpounod
  • Description:

    An Open 2D Animation Movie (licence CC by-sa/Art Libre) made with Free Software.





    This will be the website for the ZeMarmot Open movie.


    I want to install a project management tool for the (pre/post-)production of ZeMarmot. I will try Flyspray first, since this is the one advised on TuxFamily wiki, and looking at feature list and screenshots, it looks like it is good for what we need.


    This will be the testing area for Contents fro the "testing" branch of the git repository will be automatically moved there regularly through a cron.

GIT Repositories

Mailing Lists


    I want to reach the people interested in my crowdfunded "Symmetry painting" feature in GIMP, and will use this mailing list to do so.

    This will allow me to do it more easily, but also make so that I won't leak email addresses by mistake. It will be a read-only list.


    Gmail displays annoying warning on news messages coming from the mailing list, or worse send them directly to spam. I want to make some tests playing with DNS records maybe, adding a SPF, or else.

    Anyway I don't want to "play" with the real newsletter, so I create this one where I will just add controlled email accounts to see the results after I send a news.


    Send news (low/average volume) to people interested about our project.