Details for group zenpakt-Zenwalk Package Tools

General information

  • Groupname: zenpakt
  • Users: sn18
  • Description:

    Zenpakt is a collection of tools(or scripts) for maintaining the packages on zenwalk linux distribution.It is intended to be a replacement for the currently being used pkgtools.Zenpakt provides commandline tools similar to pkgtools such as installpkg and removepkg which do nearly the same thing with similar commandline options as those being used right now with additional reliablity and features.Zenpakt is an entirely new code written in bash and not just an improvement over the existing code of the pkgtools which is written in sh.Zenpakt is released under GPL v2





    This contains information and news about zenpakt and provides a link to the download repository for zenpakt which is distributed under GNU GPL v2 or (at your option) any later version

GIT Repositories

  • zenpakt/devel.git

    This is the git repository for hosting the latest development versions of zenpakt scripts along with utilities and documentations used in its development