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toastertech (planglois)

This is a personal website and blog about free software and hardware. The purpose is to share both tutorials/articles/hacks as well as personal projects in order to show how easy and fun experimenting with technology can be.

Why "Toaster" ?

- Hacking with a toaster was the very firt idea I had as a kid, since then I've always somehow liked tosaters... - "Toasters" is a familiar word for the "cylons" in Battlestar Galactica TV series. A robot is nothing but a smart toaster.

Licencing information:

- Every projects will be released under GPL or LGPL. - Tutorials, blog posts or any other contents including graphics will be under CC BY-SA.

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xlop (jeancome)

xlop is a TeX package for arithmetic operations display. For instance \opadd{12}{3} displays something like:

12 + 3 --- 15

xlop is under LPPL (LaTeX Project Public License)

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