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  • Groupname: legip
  • Users: graud
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    A home page that gathers simple programs released under a free open source license. There will be no guarantee that the software provided conforms to the EU norms and does not offend the bien-pensants. Some texts may be added that explain how these or other programs are useful and that recommend or criticize programs or group structures that produce software. The licenses used are clearly mentioned in the subprojects' documentation; the preferred license is the GPL-2 except for some trivial scripts released in the public domain; in the future the programs may be re-released under another common free license like the LGPL, GPL-3, BSDL or CeCILL; if some programs are forked or are included in a subproject the original free license is kept.





    Web pages that list programs hosted by the project <a href="http://">legip</a>, host their online documentation, recommend other programs and comment on programs and programming.

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