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  • Groupname: metagov
  • Users: epastore, mcallan, silentscream
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    The mission of the Metagovernment project is to support the development and use of Internet tools which enable the members of any community to fully participate in the governance of that community. We are a global organization of people working on various projects which further this goal.

    Each of the participating projects is developed independently of, and thus determines its own licensing strategy. Metagovernment acts as a forum for communication between project developers, promotes interests common to its participating projects, and engages in projects benefiting the community such as the development of an open data standard to enable the exchange of data between related projects.

    While does not currently develop software, it supports the development of FOSS and most (but not all) of its members are developers of FOSS.

    Our Basic Principles are (1) Government of, by, and for all the people – Anyone may contribute to any open source governance structure, and (2) Openness in everything – All aspects of governance will be as open as possible, under the principle of radical transparency. All software and systems used to run administrations will be free, open source software and systems.

    More information about the organization can be found on our wiki (





    This is the discussion forum associated with the Metagovernment project. It will be in testing mode only until such time as it can be bidirectionally synchronized with the Metagovernment list server.


    General workspace for Metagovernment project. We intend to migrate our wiki here soon. It currently resides at

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