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GraineStock - Logiciel de gestion de stock de semences potagères

grainestock (dchardonnet)

GraineStock est un logiciel de gestion de stock de semences potagères pour maraîcher ou jardinier. Licence GPL v3

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PTGaMeSpt - Project

ptgamespt (ptgames)

PTGaMeSpt are a portuguese project to creat/develop an online game. This project is based on starting `Ogame clone´ under GNU GPLv3 License. Will have a bugreport system, a wiki a blog/forum...

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qet (scorpio810)

QElectroTech is a free software (licensed under GNU/GPL) to make electric diagrams. Written in C++ using the Qt5 library, it is freely available for the following platforms: GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

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