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Linux on tablets

linuxtablets (eheintzmann)

GNU/Linux on tablets: - List of tablets where GNU/Linux runs - How to install GNU/Linux on tablets

Licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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mini et nano ordinateurs mono-carte

minipc (technoprof)

Ces pages donnes des informations, comparatif, tutoriel et vidéo d'installation d'OS, documentation, caractéristiques et lien pour acheter des mini et nano ordinateurs mono-carte. Souvent orienté vers le logiciel libre. Tous ceci en licence libre GPL pour le code et GFDL pour de la documentation.

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oxnas linux upstreaming

oxnas (narmstrong)

Oxford Semiconductor OXNAS SoC Linux upstreaming initiative.

All code will be pure GPLv2 only, this project will provide a mailing list, wiki and pre-built boards files.

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pitvwebsite (grbavacigla)

Smart TV for Raspberry Pi built on AlpineLinux. It (will) supports movies and tv series, songs, weather forecast, streaming, online accounts! Features user authentication and session control. It is secure, you can change your password and revoke sessions. Written in Django (only bootstrap javascript). More features to come. Licensed under GPLv3.

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