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arakhne (galland) is a community site dedicated to open-source softwares. It provides free software from the members and several Linux packages (Debian, Ubuntu...).

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BlackH - Le Blog

blackhblog (blackh)

Découvrez les projets et autres pensées de BlackH sur le blog de ce passionné de programmation et de sécurité informatique.

Tous les projets et codes sources sont distribués sous license Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0.

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bt335py (lub)

Uploads GPS tracks from Globalsat BT335 GPS logger in GPX format (xml format). also configures the gps settings. Licence: GPL

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caneda (pablopareja)

Caneda (Circuits and Networks EDA) is an open source EDA software focused on easy of use and portability. It is currently under heavy development. While in the short term schematic capture and simulation is the primary goal, in the long term future, PCB and layout edition will be covered.

It is released under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL2).

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chwnku libre

chwnku (strysg)

Un sitio con contenido libre y promotor del uso de software libre y cultura libre. Contiene secciones de automatizacion electronica, ecología, software libre, frases célebres y lecturas de interés. Todo el trabajo publicado por nosotros esta bajo una licencia libre como CC o GPL y nos encargamos de promover distros como GNU/Linux Trisquel y poner a dispocision proyectos libres de estos temas.

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dvorak (glehmann)

Le projet bépo vise à concevoir une disposition de clavier la plus ergonomique possible, à l'usage des francophones, en mettant en œuvre les techniques utilisées par August Dvorak et les évolutions qui ont suivi. Les programmes développés durant ce projet sont disponibles sous licence GPLv2 et les données produites sont diffusées avec la double licence CC-BY-SA/GFDL.

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eBeam pointing devices linux kernel driver and calibration tools

ebeam (yannc)

Driver : ebeam Bridge the usb device to the input subsystem, creating a generic event device exposed to user space. Xorg's evdev input driver automaticaly use it like a tablet. The module is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.

User space : ebeam_tools - ebeam_calibrator : graphical calibration tool. - ebeam_state : command-line utility to save and restore calibration data. The tools are licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

Currently (tested) devices : - Luidia eBeam Classic Projection and eBeam Edge Projection - Nec NP01Wi1 & NP01Wi2 interactive solution

Supposed working devices, need test, may lack functionnality : - Luidia eBeam Edge Whiteboard and eBeam Engage - Hitachi Starboard FX-63, FX-77, FX-82, FX-77GII

There's other re-branded hardware in the wild : everything mentionning "eBeam" and/or based on ultrasound+IR stylus and receiver might be worth testing.

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Erika Enterprise

erika (erikaadm)

Erika Enterprise is a minimal real-time kernel for single and multicore embedded systems.

Erika Enterprise is a free, open-source implementation of the OSEK/VDX API, implementing conformance classes BCC1, BCC2, ECC1, ECC2, with an OSEK OIL compiler integrated into Eclipse, and OSEK ORTI support for Lauterbach debuggers.

Erika Enterprise makes multi-core application development easy: hiding the complexity of the underlying architectures, Erika Enterprise makes no difference if a code runs on a single or a multi-core platform.

Erika Enterprise is licensed under the GPL with linking exception license (the same license of the classpath project)

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GSF Software satfinder, Modem Manager GUI, Lark Audiobook Creator and Skytemple

gsf (ethereal)

It's place where you can download simple GTK+ applications developed specially for GNU/Linux platform: GSF Software Satfinder - legacy application that can help while you tuning satellite antenna; Modem Manager GUI - simple graphical interface compatible with Modem manager, Wader and oFono system services able to control EDGE/3G/4G broadband modem specific functions; Lark Audiobook Creator - simple audiobook creator with good Russian and English language support; Skytemple - simple viewer for open satellite, terrestrial, cable DVB broadcasts and IPTV based on GStreamer multimedia framework, it is still at an early development stage, so not available for download.

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GULL LinuxArverne

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