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General information

  • Groupname: q3min
  • Users: uzu, clown, q3admin, 0xmathieu
  • Description:

    The aim of the Q3MIN project is the creation of a freely distributable minimalistic game package compatible with Quake III Arena originally created by id Software. The package should be as small as possible and be able to provide all the functionality (game code and artwork) needed to load and play freely distributable levels (maps) that were created as add-ons for Quake III Arena. Game code shall be based on the ioquake3 engine (distributed under the GPL). Artwork shall be either created by our developers or adapted from existing freely distributable (GPL) games. We also plan to introduce modifications and new features to the game engine to enhance playing experience.





    This is the homepage of the community of developers who are interested in contributing to the Q3MIN project. Q3MIN is a freely distributable minimalistic clone of the game Quake III Arena originally created by id Software. Q3MIN's purpose is to provide the functionality necessary for using custom maps and mods created for the original game. We also want to improve on the original game by adding new features. This page provides links to the SVN repository, the download area and the forum of our project, as well as documentation and guides for contributors.

SVN Repositories

  • q3min/source

    This is the SVN repository of Q3MIN a freely distributable clone of Quake III Arena. The repository contains the source code of the game engine (which is based on the ioquake3 engine). Material in this repository is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2. For information about accessing the repository please visit'.