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Online Pricing System

opsys (alexware69)

A method and computer programs product for easily designing, implementing, documenting, presenting and storing unfinished and finished products specifications as well as producing quotes and orders. This process is specially designed for unfinished goods, though it can be used on any kind of products. The method and program uses a Tree data structure to achieve all the aforementioned goals. The products specification and documentation are stored as files and folders in a server which can be accessed using a regular file manager or an FTP client from any computer in the same network or the internet, or from a PDA device thus making easy the team work. The quotes and orders are securely stored in a data storage server. The computer programs provided can use defined products automatically and present them to the user in a web page where the user can enter values, pick options and get price quotes in real time. The system permits revision and re-quoting based in the original formulas used in the product definition. Currently this is programmed in java, using NetBeans on an OpenSuse box. (another implementation in will not be included this time)

The license for the software will be GPL for code.

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osames (oitsuki)

OSAMES: Open Source Accounting Management and Ecommerce solution. La suite OSAMES vous permet de gérer les flux physiques et financiers de votre entreprise : Gestion des commandes, Gestion des stocks, Gestion client par affaire, Gestion des factures associées, Gestion de la trésorerie, Gestion des budgets financiers, Gestion de la comptabilité. Sous licence GPL.

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ostorybook (favdb)

oStorybook est un logiciel d'aide dans le travail des auteurs de romans, nouvelles, pièces de théâtre, scénario de cinéma/TV, etc... oStorybook est la reprise du logiciel Storybook, précédemment hébergé sur Sourceforge.

oStorybook est placé sous licence libre GPL v2 ou V3. La documentation qui l'accompagne, les images et autres ressources graphiques, sont placées sous licence Creative Common (CC-BY-SA).

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Résultat billard

resbillard (seraf1)

Site permettant le suivi des résultats du championnat AFEBAS et de faire des statistiques sur ces résultat. Un client java sous licence GPL sera prochainement disponible.

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runtracker (franswa)

RunningTracker is a GPL tool (written in Java) that permits to import NikePlus files (XML), and to generate statistics (with JFreeChart) with them.

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sarasvati (ffournier)

sarasvati est un ensemble de logiciel libre destiné à traiter de la musique en GPL V3. - créer des librairies de sons. - charger les librairies de sons. - jouer de la musique (midi). - ecrire de la musique (pas encore fait). Le code est en java avec des bridges en C. Le tout buildé avec maven du projet Apache.

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scoretarot (seraf1)

Score Tarot est un logiciel permettant de compter les points au tarot, de réaliser des statistiques sur la partie en cours ou sur toutes les parties précédemment jouées. Ce logiciel est développé à l'aide de Gambas et est disponible en GPL

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tarzhiou (ismaelilias)

A puzzle game, inspired from Atom on Atari that made my child life funny.

Aims are : - extended and more precise rules - multiplatform (but based on Java) -> native with GCJ, JVM, Android, ... - have fun with the game as with the code

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The Burning Darkness - Cruise Control

tbdcc (ppc98)

A tactical space combat simulation. Multiplayer client/server application, enemy ai players included.

We're going to publish it under the GNU/GPL (GPLv3) license.

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tdestiny (johann)

Toward Destiny is a little open-source game developed in Java under the GPL license. It consists of the management of characters having to evolve and make evolve their environment, with a particular accent on the personalization of this last one. It is an isometric 3d game located in the Middle Ages, with plenty of castles and regions to be explored.

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