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sockaberim (sockaber)

Sockaber est un client Jabber sous licence GPL écrit en C++ avec la librairie wxWidgets. Simple et esthétique, il tourne sur Linux et Windows.

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sprouts (yukito)

Résultats mathématiques sur le jeu de sprouts (programme libre + documentation)

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subshoot (bells)

Submarine Shoot est un petit jeu du style "shoot them up", crée en C++, sous licence GPL, et disponible pour les plateformes Linux et Windows. Le joueur dirige un sous-marin et lance des torpilles pour couler des bateaux dans un temps imparti. Le jeu en est à sa version 2, qui est une version stable.

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TASTE toolchain

taste (maxime1008)

The TASTE toolchain stands for "The ASSERT Set of Tools for Engineering" and aims at providing free-based tools for the development of safety-critical systems. It is composed of model analyzers, parsers and other materials needed for the design, validation and implementation of safety-critical and embedded software. Tools are released under free licences (such as GPL or BSD).

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tdestiny (johann)

Toward Destiny is a little open-source game developed in Java under the GPL license. It consists of the management of characters having to evolve and make evolve their environment, with a particular accent on the personalization of this last one. It is an isometric 3d game located in the Middle Ages, with plenty of castles and regions to be explored.

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timebreach (blasquez)

Time Breach is a Massively Multi-player On-line Playing Game.

In this Univers, all gamers can create theres own character and theres own world. Each World have to be managed like a strategic game. In fact two types of games are linked in one univers (MMORPG and MMORTS). This game is freely develloped by gamers for gamers. All type of profiles is interesting. Only motivation is required. You want to take part in a game making??? Join us!!!

Our project is an open source project and our license will be GNU/GPL or GNU/LGPL

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Tiny Bash CGIs

tinybashcgis (rearleharris)

Tiny Bash CGIs include the Blink public blog and the Treebeard community topical forest. All are designed to run in the cgi-bin of any Unix webserver. All are released under the GNU General Public License.

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The Need For Open Speed

tnfos (qchmqs)

Forking SuperTuxKart, and changing it to a need for speed(underground 2) clone,car tunning race in the city, and a lot, the main reason to do so is to provide a race-game on GPL, there is no such,

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tnt (tortoose)

TnT : Tortoose 'n ToutPT TnT is a 3D plateform game with a 2D gameplay. The goal is: gameplay, gameplay gameplay ! Tortoose meet strange animals and plants more often .. Something strange is coming in the nature.

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tntforums (tntforum)

Support forum for the opensource (GPL License) PHP forum that doesn't require MySQL. The whole project, including the support texts are released under GPL.

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