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Maqinas Libres

maqlibres (qubotica)

Realizamos robots libres y mantenemos su software libre qublock

GNU General Public License v3.0

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massXpert, a mass spectrometric free software project

massxpert (rusconi)

massXpert is a cross-platfrom software program to simulate and analyse mass spectrometric data obtained on linear (bio-)polymers. Three modules allow 1) making brand new polymer chemistry definitions; 2) using the definitions to perform easy calculations in a desktop calculator-like manner and 3) performing sophisticated polymer sequence editing and simulations. Chemical simulations encompass cleavage (either chemical or enzymatic), gas-phase fragmentations, chemical modification of any monomer in the polymer sequence, monomer cross-links, arbitrary mass searches, calculation of the isotopic pattern...

massXpert is Free Software published under the General Public License version 3+ (GPL v3 or later).

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mazerator (awesomekalin)

Mazerator is the maze game and you have to work through mazes and fight monsters to then defeat the superhero Mazerator (hence the title) You can find the source at This uses the GNU Public License V3

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Mdown Editor

mdowneditor (ban)

Mdown Editor est un éditeur de texte léger écrit en C avec GTK+ ayant pour but de simplifier l'édition de fichiers complexes au format mdown ( en apportant des outils simples comme une arborescence des titres, des raccourcis de formatage, une exportation depuis l'interface, etc. Mdown Editor est un logiciel libre – et gratuit – distribué sous licence GNU GPL v3 ou ultérieure.

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mehregan times; notes for free people

mehreganxyz (mehregan)

A Blog for writing articles about free software, libre documents and notes about privacy and gender and race equality in Persian using GFDL license for documents and GPLv3 for codes.

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Mezyakov Mihail's (aka kennyz) open source programs

mezyakov (kennyz)

Place of kennyz's programs on java, C++, python with sources under the GNU GPL

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microbe (joack)

Microbe est un moteur de blog écrit en Python qui se veut le plus simple possible.

Aucune base de données n'est requise pour faire tourner l'application, l'ensemble des contenus est directement stocké sur le serveur. Ces derniers utilisent la syntaxe Markdown et peuvent être générés depuis un éditeur en ligne.

L'application peut s'installer très facilement depuis pip ou ses sources. Elle est livrée avec une commande qui permet de la déployer le plus facilement possible.

La configuration se fait ensuite entièrement par interface graphique.


- Articles et pages statiques - Commentaires - Gestion de thèmes - Gestion de liens - Flux Atom - Coloration syntaxique pour le code - Module de recherche - Multi utilisateurs - Upload de fichiers sur le serveur depuis une interface dédiée - Multi langage (Anglais et Français)

L'ensemble du code et des thèmes fournis est sous licence GPLv3

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microsweeper (pmachata)

MicroSweeper is Minesweeper-like game implemented in Java and intended for J2ME-capable (MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1) hand-held devices. It provides an additional determinism: a game mode where all mine locations can be deduced from neighborhood count and you are not forced to place a guess. It has some extra goodies: walls, 4, 6 and 8-neighborhood boards, and wrap-around (torus) boards.

The game is licensed under the GPL 3. It needs MIDP and CLDC libraries to build, and a non-free preverifier has to be run on built binaries. All of these are available (free as in beer) in WTK, SUN's Wireless Toolkit package. As far as I know, there is no free implementation of these, and in particular they are not part of SUN's recently freed java package. I checked the following document, and it seems that this state of the matters doesn't interfere with GPL 3: (Check "New System Libraries Exception" in particular.)

The game doesn't use any other (free or non-free) libraries. It uses GNU Make for automating the build process and OpenJDK's javac and jar are used to do the compilation and packaging. A preprocessing using GNU M4 and Python takes place during the building process.

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Monkey Studio IDE

monkeystudio (pasnox)

Monkey Studio is a Free crossplatform Qt © 4 IDE licensed under GPL2 & GPL3.

It's primary goal was to offer a crossplatform IDE for Qt 4 prjects. It's now advance enough to extends it with plugins to allow custom projects type to be recognize ( vcproj, cmake ... ).

Same Development Environment on all Platforms It's developped using the Qt library itself. So it should run on every platform that Qt© 4 supports. This way you can work on your progress on every platforms in the same IDE. Developing cross-platform software can be so easy!

Uses Qt Project Files Monkey Studio uses Qt Project File (.pro) to manage the project. There are no extra files created. If you want to switch to other tools, the sources will not have any extra, IDE specific file cruft. Just the code you need.

And several other tools to ease coding:

project creation wizard synthax highlighting code completion gdb integration ability to manage files per platforms And so many that we can't enumerat all there !

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MSM Secured Desktop

msmdesk (msm123)

Un environnement de bureau libre, sécurisé et paramétrable permettant l’accès au systèmes d'authentification Active Directory et MSMdesk User Annuar(MSMdesk-auth). Dispose de la prise en charge d'extensions. Licence: GPL v3

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