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Rencontre Bretonne du Logiciel Libre

rbretonnell (rbll)

Cette espace servira à mettre en œuvre le site de la rencontre Bretonne du Logiciel Libre qui se déroulera à Brest en 2009.Le site sera entièrement dédier à celle-ci.

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rdckgame documentación CC0


recaged (slinger)

ReCaged is a Free Software, Futuristic, Racing Game.

With the main inspiration taken from the "Rollcage" and "Rollcage: Stage II" games, it has been written from scratch with focus on high simulation realism and flexibility. It also supports highly detailed 3D models for both rendering and collision detection.

All code is licensed under GPLv3, and all media files are under free licenses such as: GPLv3, All-Permissive and similar free licenses (such as CC-BY-SA).

More information, downloads and git repository can be found at:

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Réflexion Numérique

reflxnum (adumondel)

Site personnel de partage photographique et d'hacktivisme.

Le but est de partager un point de vue sur notre société numérisée, la traduire par des photos de notre temps et de réfléchir sur des évènements contemporains.

CC-BY-SA 3.0

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Remmirath - wandrian's reporitory

remmirath (wandrian)

In this repository you can find various OpenSource and Free software packages compiled and patched by wandrian and others.

Along with "mainstream" packages, this repo hosts original utilities, scripts and other free software written by wandrian and others.

This repository includes only software released under opensource and (better) free software licenses.

Every new work by wandrian and other authors, distibuted via this repo, will be always released under GPL.

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repoforenly (curiouseag)

Repo for Manjaro Enly (custom enlightenment desktop based on manjaro linux).

This repo contains prebuild software from different sources. All are providen by a GPL or BSD or MIT or DoWhatTheFuckYouWant license.

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Résultat billard

resbillard (seraf1)

Site permettant le suivi des résultats du championnat AFEBAS et de faire des statistiques sur ces résultat. Un client java sous licence GPL sera prochainement disponible.

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Response Bots for Twitch

responsebot (murks)

Simple utility bots for Twitch.

Written in Lua they communicate using a minimal subset of IRC over websockets as well as the Twitch REST API.

License: MIT

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spitfire's intrepid backports

s13backports (spitfire)

Repository for Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" holding packages backported from upcoming Ubuntu 9.04 "jaunty Jackalope" , Debian unstable & experimental + some external, that didn't made it to get into one of distributions mentioned above.

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Saigkills Backtrace

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