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Online Pricing System

opsys (alexware69)

A method and computer programs product for easily designing, implementing, documenting, presenting and storing unfinished and finished products specifications as well as producing quotes and orders. This process is specially designed for unfinished goods, though it can be used on any kind of products. The method and program uses a Tree data structure to achieve all the aforementioned goals. The products specification and documentation are stored as files and folders in a server which can be accessed using a regular file manager or an FTP client from any computer in the same network or the internet, or from a PDA device thus making easy the team work. The quotes and orders are securely stored in a data storage server. The computer programs provided can use defined products automatically and present them to the user in a web page where the user can enter values, pick options and get price quotes in real time. The system permits revision and re-quoting based in the original formulas used in the product definition. Currently this is programmed in java, using NetBeans on an OpenSuse box. (another implementation in will not be included this time)

The license for the software will be GPL for code.

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owaves bay

owaves (rfouard)

Owaves Bay is a website who show how it's easy to create games with Open Source Engines. All codes on this site will be under GPL, and I want to create my personnal game with Ogre to support the Open Source for software.

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oxnas linux upstreaming

oxnas (narmstrong)

Oxford Semiconductor OXNAS SoC Linux upstreaming initiative.

All code will be pure GPLv2 only, this project will provide a mailing list, wiki and pre-built boards files.

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paturage (llumeao)

Pâturage est un système de partage de fichiers, signets, galeries de photos en ligne. On peut l'installer sur tout serveur disposant de PHP4 et MySQL.

Pâturage est distribué sous licence GPL.

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pgn4spip (matt)

The pgn4spip plugin for the CMS SPIP 2 and 3 displays the chessboard of the chess game described in Portable Game Notation (PGN) format. lang::en, fr; Language::PHP, Javascript, HTML, SPIP, CSS; License::GPLv3 subject::tool; tool::spip; type::development, tutorial, support; soft::game

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pgq (pekman)

Personal blog hosting with free software, privacy, webmaster, webdesing and tools approach that I develop.

## Flat files tools:

* blog: Yellow CMS * Forum: No Nonsense Forum

## License

Unless otherwise noted, the contents of these site/forums are under the following license: CC BY-SA 4.0

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photozeec (roozeec)

Photozeec is a software distributed under the GPL license. It provided an interface to manipulate (add date, borders,..) digital photos. This is based on models located on a website for easy update.

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phpdynform (mab)

gestionnaire de formulaire en php, permettant l'intégration simple de formulaires dans une page web. Un peu plus de détails :

Licence du projet : GPL

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phpmygpx (eska)

phpMyGPX is a web based application to manage GPS logs and geo tagged photos using a database on a local computer or online. It supports GPX file format containing trackpoints, waypoints and routes collected by GPS receivers and beeing very popular with navigation, geo caching and OpenStreetMap. All items can be displayed on a map. It is licensed under GPL.

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Punishment Of Hadès

poh (davidus)

Punishment of Hadès est un jeu de combat écrit en c++ et qt4. Hadès, le maitre des enfers, organise un grand tournoi dont le gagnant retrouvera la vie (Licence GPL)

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