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VST Preset Generator

vpg (mzf)

VST Preset Generator is a software to create randomly (or semi-randomly) generated presets for your favorite VST instruments and effects. (VST = Steinberg Virtual Sound Technology).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

Categories: Editors, Sound Synthesis, Composition, VST

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vr30 (vr30os)

vr30os is a operating system based of linux from scratch 6.3.I'm use a packages for updates and for add software.i'm use a free software and my license is GNU/GPL. vr30os est un système d'exploitation qui a pour base linux from scratch 6.3. Je vais utiliser des packet pour les mise a jour et les ajout de logiciel. Je distriburer des logiciel libre. Ma license est GNU/GPL

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vtcms (hyperclock)

I started a project named the VoyaTrax CMS Project in 2014. The output of that is vtCMS, a modded version of XOOPS (we were planning a version, see the website as to why NOT) with some improvement that never found it's way there. I've added a Terms, Privacy Ploicy, Imprint, Disclaimer and an About Us page. All hardcoded into the system along with backend administration, including an editor.

Other enhancement include UTF-8 as well as modules that are needed in every CMS, such as a contact module, security module, a language module for multilingual content. Another enhancement is an Cookie announcement - compliant with the European Cookie Law.

Many more enhancements are in planning as well as getting some general purpose modules upto date. Themeing is also a place where lot's of enhancemet need to take place.

Of course I'm sticking to the GPL, the original core is GPLv2 but I'm uping that to GPLv3.

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VxHell by L33ckma

vxhell (l33ckma)

Un site où je fais part de mes avancées dans le domaine de la recherche informatique, principalement sur la recherche anti-viral. Le but est de fournir une base de connaissance solide et techniquement fondée à la communauté. Les articles que je publie peuvent en grande partie servir de documentation et de spécifications, notamment pour les futures développeurs de solutions anti-virales, dans le sens où ils sont en libre accès à celui qui en a besoin. Je m'intéresse particulièrement à la virologie sous les dérivés d'unix (et spécifiquement GNU/Linux). Tous les codes que je publierais seront explicitement sous licence BSD. Les articles seront sous GFDL.

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