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Universal 3D tools

u3d (pino)

The U3D tools aim to provide a way to read and render 3D data in the U3D (Universal 3D) format.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v2+.

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ubpttr (jetelain)

Logiciel pour uploader des photos sur une photothèque écrite en PHP. QT4 + libcurl, multiplatformes

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ubu (nehuzel)

projet de livre pour débutants au sujet de linux et ubuntu

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ubunpingoo (poongaloo)

Developpement de scripts (perl, bash, python...) visant à configurer des postes clients Ubuntu dans un réseau PingOO (intégration au domaine, configuration LDAP), installation automatisée de logiciels libres éducatifs, etc. Scripts sous licence GPL.

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ubuntu (jobbe)

YAUB (Yet Another Ubuntu Blog) This blog will be a storage of tutorials, basically a place where to store everything about ubuntu, linux and the usage of free software. I will keep here even very basic commands and I will also reply to requests of help. Hope it will be of help for all of you, readers. All content of this blog is released with <a href="">Creative Commons License (BY-SA)</a>

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ubuntuastur (ubuntuast)

Asturian LoCo Team. Group of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in Asturias (Spain) to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve the Ubuntu project. More info

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ubuntubible2 (ubuntubible)

UbuntuBible is an italian blog with guides for beginners. License: GPLv3.

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ubuntueasy (wolfman)

Ce site Web à pour but d'aider les utilisateurs d'Ubuntu et aussi donné envie d'utiliser cette fabuleuse distribution Linux basé sur Debian. Il proposeras des news,astuces,programmes et biensur de l'aide.

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Ubuntu Eee

ubuntueee (ramvi)

Ubuntu Eee is Ubuntu for the Asus Eee. It optimizes how Ubuntu runs on the small computer with the small screen (7" at 800x460 pixels)

It's released under GPLv3.

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ubuntuextra (vincentt)

This is an attempt to collect third party .deb packages for Ubuntu that are littered across the internet in a central repository. These packages mostly *won't* follow Debian/Ubuntu packagning guidelines and will probably not be of the same quality.

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