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zaanga (vrioux)

open-source project concerned with sharing of photographs and sounds - it would eventually include a diaporama montage program and a couple of server scripts.

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zachtibdebs (zachtib)

Ubuntu packages I've compiled and put up for download.

License: GPL * This project doesn't exactly have once specific license, as each package may be under a different license. Most of the packages are likely under the GPL, however.

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Zadyree Open Repository

zadrep (zadyree)

In this project will be available several documents regarding freedom and web security. Visitors will also find many Perl scripts, related to computers security. This site would be *CGI-only*, in order to show Perl is not dead. The whole site, including sources and pages, will be under the GPL license.

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zemarmot (girin)

An Open 2D Animation Movie (licence CC by-sa/Art Libre) made with Free Software.

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zen64 (axxium)

A project offering an opensource/free AMD64/x86_64 version Gnu/Linux distribution.

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zenarch (godane)

zenarch is a hybrid live modular cd. Using slax kernel and modified linux-live scripts based on archlinux OS. This is going to be the first true modular design archlinux live cd.

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zene (navin)

Welcome to Zenlightenment!

A Zenwalk implementation of my favourite window manager, Enlightenment([url][/url]).

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zengamer (axxium)

This site will be used to provide users with free opens source games for Zenwalk Linux and Slackware based linux distros.

The name linugames and linux-games are already owned by commercial entities, hence I am replacing my project "linuxgames" with "zengamer"

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zenkernel (waninkoko)

"zen-sources" is a stable and featurefull kernel patchset based on Linus' git tree. It's aimed for desktop systems to get maximum interactivity and performance.

This project is licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License v2 (GPLv2).

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zenlive (axxium)

ZenLive is a free opensource Linux LiveCD project that focuses on multilingual support to break the language barrier and join Linux users the world around.

What is needed at this time is the ability to create a mailing list to connect the project developers.

Cheers, Michael Verret (AxXium)

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