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Gui for UFW

gufw (vperetokin)

Gufw is a gui for ufw - it provides user-friendly firewall management.

It's licensed under GPLv3, and the content is under Creative Commons (public domain)

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Hylius E17 Project Tools...

hylius (futility)

Hylius project is a collection of tools for e17 desktop(hardware browser, messenger...).

Existing and functionnal: -EHB aka "Enlightened Hardware Browser". -detect library(not e17).

in devel: -envol

In another way, HandiMalin isn't a part of Hylius-E17 project: -HandiMalin.

All is under GPL2

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ipup (nibl)

iPup is a light and fast desktop Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux. iPup was born out of the need to distribute Puppy Linux freely, unhindered by codec patents. iPup allows PC vendors to preinstall Puppy Linux on thin clients and mini PCs without paying any license fees.

iPup has two main goals:

1) To increase the stability over the official Puppy Linux release on which iPup is based. iPup prioritizes stability before innovation.

2) To only include free, Open Source software. This means removing any non-free, proprietary code from the Puppy Linux base, and finding free software alternatives if available.

iPup is a Linux distribution so various Open Source licenses are used by the included softwares. All included licenses are Open Source.

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Lutris Gaming Platform

lutris (strider)

Lutris is a gaming utility that allows to download and manage your games. It has some similarities with the Steam platform and open source projects PlayOnLinux and djl.

While PlayOnLinux focuses on Wine and djl focuses on Free games, Lutris' goal is to be able to run every single game playable on a GNU/Linux system. This takes into account a lot of emulators, native (open or closed source) games and Wine/Cedega.

Lutris is written in Python and is 100% Free Software (under GPL License)

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Master Polska

Mdown Editor

mdowneditor (ban)

Mdown Editor est un éditeur de texte léger écrit en C avec GTK+ ayant pour but de simplifier l'édition de fichiers complexes au format mdown ( en apportant des outils simples comme une arborescence des titres, des raccourcis de formatage, une exportation depuis l'interface, etc. Mdown Editor est un logiciel libre – et gratuit – distribué sous licence GNU GPL v3 ou ultérieure.

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NuTyX GNU/Linux

nutyx (tnut)

Hébergement du projet libre NuTyX GNU/Linux. NuTyX est une distribution GNU/Linux uniquement francophone basée sur le livre Linux From Scratch et fournissant des binaires optimisés pour les architectures i686 et x64. Il est aussi possible d'utiliser l'arbre des ports des sources et donc d'optimiser son système comme on l'entend. commence à rencontrer un réel succès depuis la première version de l'OS sortie en 2007. Le projet a désormais besoin de l'aide d'une structure d'hébergement performante pour pouvoir continuer à fonctionner pleinement et ainsi satisfaire des membres de plus en plus présents. Les outils du projet sont sous licence GPL, les packages binaires proposés sont mis à disposition selon leur licence respective, si celle ci le permet, sinon ils ne sont proposés qu'au niveau des ports.

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oproj (openproj)

Collection of Open Source softwares, including a set of library bindings (GTK, gstreamer, cairo, and others) for Lua.

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pcgnomeos (ongoto)

PCGnomeOS is a project to provide online documentation and support for users of PCLinuxOS Gnome2 / Zen-mini

The purpose of this project is to provide the necessary tools for maintenance and development in the preservation of Gnome2.

Public License: GPL

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pitvwebsite (grbavacigla)

Smart TV for Raspberry Pi built on AlpineLinux. It (will) supports movies and tv series, songs, weather forecast, streaming, online accounts! Features user authentication and session control. It is secure, you can change your password and revoke sessions. Written in Django (only bootstrap javascript). More features to come. Licensed under GPLv3.

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