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tremulous ServerConf

tremservconf (lepoulpe303)

Tremulous ServConf is as software intended to ease Tremulous server configuration and Management.

Features planned : -------------------

- Create server configuration from scratch or load existing configuration - Easy server setup through GUI - Save commented configuration file

License : LGPL

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Tugs' Uptime Project

tup (thargos)

Free Software Clients(GPL) for the Tugs' Uptime Project.

Description of the TUP taken from the website : The purpose of TUP is to keep an history of biggest "Uptime".

Uptime is time during a machine, a computer stays without restarting. In brief, time which a machine give a functionnality, whatever, continuously.

That’s a competition where goal is the honor of Geek, there is nothing to win other than satisfaction to be the first one of "Top List".

The uptime, a downright useless activity thus necessarily indispensable :)


Client libres pour le Tugs' Uptime Project.

Description du projet prise depuis le site web : Le but du TUP est de conserver un historique des plus gros "Uptime". L'Uptime est la durée pendant laquelle une machine, un ordinateur reste sans redémarrer. En bref, le temps qu'une machine passe à rendre un service, quel qu'il soit, sans interruption.

C'est un concours ou l'enjeu est l'honneur du Geek, il n'y a rien à gagner si ce n'est la satisfaction d'être le premier de la "Top List".

Le uptime, une activité carrément inutile donc forcément indispensable :)

More info... Le WeBlog sur les logiciels libres!

tuxtndotcom (tuxtn)

Un blog sur le système d'exploitation Gnu/Linux, les logiciels libres et tout ce qui s'y rattache de près ou de loin.Le tout sous licence CC-BY-SA 3.0 !

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Vers une Évaluation Réussie Avec les Compétences

verac (edleh)

VÉRAC est un projet de gestion d'un établissement scolaire dans le cadre d'une évaluation par compétences.

Il est composé de 3 parties : - une interface d'administration - une interface de gestion et saisie des évaluations par les professeurs - une interface de consultation en ligne pour les élèves et leurs parents

Ce projet est entièrement libre (licence GNU GPL 3), développé en Python et PyQt pour les parties admin et prof, et en php pour la partie élèves. Il utilise aussi des bases de données sqlite.

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Virtual Hosting For Free Software (VHFFS)

vhffs4 (gradator)

VHFFS is a massive virtual hosting platform for free software.

Developped by admins, it can be used for massive hosting on several shared servers or for personal hosting on a single computer.

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vtcms (hyperclock)

I started a project named the VoyaTrax CMS Project in 2014. The output of that is vtCMS, a modded version of XOOPS (we were planning a version, see the website as to why NOT) with some improvement that never found it's way there. I've added a Terms, Privacy Ploicy, Imprint, Disclaimer and an About Us page. All hardcoded into the system along with backend administration, including an editor.

Other enhancement include UTF-8 as well as modules that are needed in every CMS, such as a contact module, security module, a language module for multilingual content. Another enhancement is an Cookie announcement - compliant with the European Cookie Law.

Many more enhancements are in planning as well as getting some general purpose modules upto date. Themeing is also a place where lot's of enhancemet need to take place.

Of course I'm sticking to the GPL, the original core is GPLv2 but I'm uping that to GPLv3.

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Web container

webcontainer (donkeeland)

This web server is not like the others because it's inspirated from the J2EE architecture. The goal of this web container is to permit to write fasster web services and give a set of new often used fonctionnality.

This project define an API which should be implement by a web server. This API contain all basic routines for make web service.

This project also implement the defined API into a web server as demonstration of the API usage.

Why this project ? - J2EE permit to fastly done improved websites - I don't like JAVA - I want to improve the CGI protocol so invent a new thing ;)

And for the license ? - We will use the GPL for all component of project (API, web server, documentation....)

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wolmedev (tkayna)

Gestionnaire de démarrage de machines par le réseau sous licence GPL. Utilisation du Wake-up on LAN. Ecrit en PHP avec le support du XML.

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wsp (sliim)

WSP (Web-Server-Panel) est une application Web développée en PHP5 avec Zend Framework permettant de mettre en place et de configurer un serveur Web sur une plateforme LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP).

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Xenon Project

xenonproject (xenon)

An open source web system designed for netbooks, with ease of use, speed and stability in mind. Programmed in PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript. Licensed under the AGPL.

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