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msXpertSuite: the expert massist's software suite

msxpertsuite (rusconi)

This page will be used to present the msXpertSuite mass spectrometric software package.

Currently, three modules are available:

massXpert: data modelling and simulation software for linear polymers;

mineXpert: mass spectral data reader, analysis and data mining software.

Announcements of new versions, of new developments will be made here. Normal blogging about software development will belong to this page. Personal opinions might creep in from time to time, but always related to software development or software-related fields.

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Musicisti GNU+Linux

musicalinux (fpesari)

This project aims to provide Italian GNU+Linux users with quality CC BY licensed articles that can help them make music using FLOSS software.

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openblox (johnmh)

OpenBlox is a free and open source (LGPLv3) game engine, implementing an easy to use Lua API, similar to that of the proprietary ROBLOX engine. The reference implementation client, studio as well as the studio software are available under the GPLv3.

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Open Mathematics Depository

openmathdep (rearleharris)

The primary intention of this project is to provide open access to mathematical texts in PDF format which individual mathematicians find particularly useful and which are clearly in the public domain or under open license. This provides a middle ground between large depositories like which host "everything" and subscription download services which often monopolize access to public domain texts.

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pgq (pekman)

Personal blog hosting with free software, privacy, webmaster, webdesing and tools approach that I develop.

## Flat files tools:

* blog: Yellow CMS * Forum: No Nonsense Forum

## License

Unless otherwise noted, the contents of these site/forums are under the following license: CC BY-SA 4.0

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portailorg (omicron)

Portail qui a pour but de référencer les liens en rapport au libre, logiciels libre, culture du libre etc. Le site est sous forme de wiki et toute personne inscrite peut contribuer et modifier le site.

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py4childs (pysycache)

PySyCache est un logiciel éducatif destiné aux jeunes enfants (4-7 ans) ayant pour objectif de leur apprendre à manipuler la souris à partir d'activités simples (déplacement, clic de la souris)

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Rencontre Bretonne du Logiciel Libre

rbretonnell (rbll)

Cette espace servira à mettre en œuvre le site de la rencontre Bretonne du Logiciel Libre qui se déroulera à Brest en 2009.Le site sera entièrement dédier à celle-ci.

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rdckgame documentación CC0

Replace The F*ck*ng Media

rtfm (xana)

RTFM (Replace The Fucking Media) est une association dont l'objectif est de mettre à disposition des citoyens des outils libre et collaboratif afin qu'ils s'informent de manière neutre.

Le but est de mettre en place une plateforme favorisant la création de tels outils et hébergeant ces derniers.

L'ensemble des outils (et du code de la plateforme) se doivent d’être libre (licence au choix des créateurs).

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