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palabre (gavrochegnou)

Current website :

A python XML aware asynchronous multi-user python server. (GPL license) Allows Macromedia Flash clients to connect to this server via actionscript, to create rooms, subrooms ... to chat in private or in a room, to protect a room, to play an internet multiplayer flash games.

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pgn4spip (matt)

The pgn4spip plugin for the CMS SPIP 2 and 3 displays the chessboard of the chess game described in Portable Game Notation (PGN) format. lang::en, fr; Language::PHP, Javascript, HTML, SPIP, CSS; License::GPLv3 subject::tool; tool::spip; type::development, tutorial, support; soft::game

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pgq (pekman)

Personal blog hosting with free software, privacy, webmaster, webdesing and tools approach that I develop.

## Flat files tools:

* blog: Yellow CMS * Forum: No Nonsense Forum

## License

Unless otherwise noted, the contents of these site/forums are under the following license: CC BY-SA 4.0

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PTGaMeSpt - Project

ptgamespt (ptgames)

PTGaMeSpt are a portuguese project to creat/develop an online game. This project is based on starting `Ogame clone´ under GNU GPLv3 License. Will have a bugreport system, a wiki a blog/forum...

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Shiraz LUG

TheSLinux documentation system

theslinux (kyanh)

This project stores all documentation ofTheSLinux, a Linux distribution. The documents are in static HTML files, and they are generated from the source

The license of the documentation system is CC BY-SA 3.0. We are free!

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thonix (razord)

Mini système d'exploitation sous license GPL. Plus pour l'experience que pour autre chose.

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tift (guillaumeh)

TIFT is a team of programmers for Texas Instruments calculators. We program mostly in Z80 assembly, for TI-83, TI-83+ and TI-84+. Our projects are mostly under public domain/BSD-like licences.

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tntforums (tntforum)

Support forum for the opensource (GPL License) PHP forum that doesn't require MySQL. The whole project, including the support texts are released under GPL.

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tremulousfr (biggamer95)

tremulousfr est le premier, et encore actif, forum de la communauté francophone de tremulous (jeu libre tournant sur mac, linux et windows). Ce forum, depuis sa création, a pour but d'aider les nouveaux joueurs (et les non-nouveau), de regrouper leurs projets, maps, etc., d'informer des mises a jours du jeu. Ce forum dispose aussi d'un wiki, traduction d'un wiki anglais. le forum est actuallement consultable a :

Licence de tremulous : gpl licence des maps, mods, et autres projets des membres : gpl (certains auteurs de projet utilisent d'autre licences libres) licence du wiki (ainsi que tu wiki anglais que nous traduisons) : creative common by-nc-sa 2.0 le wiki étant une traduction d'un wiki anglais sous licence cc by-nc-sa 2.0 nous sommes obligés de gardés la même licence pour nos traduction, afin de respecter la licence.

Ce projet n'a rien a voir avec, il est bien plus ancien et dispose de plus de membres.

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