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tapage (prevot)

Tapage is a free platform and distributed to easily develop modules for "social". Once the modules are created, they are already decentralized, social, and can exchange data on Tapage generated from an external service. This allows on Tapage to prompt new features. It will therefore always be able to incorporate new features essential to a social network over time.

licence : AGPL

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TheSLinux documentation system

theslinux (kyanh)

This project stores all documentation ofTheSLinux, a Linux distribution. The documents are in static HTML files, and they are generated from the source

The license of the documentation system is CC BY-SA 3.0. We are free!

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Tiny Bash CGIs

tinybashcgis (rearleharris)

Tiny Bash CGIs include the Blink public blog and the Treebeard community topical forest. All are designed to run in the cgi-bin of any Unix webserver. All are released under the GNU General Public License.

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Tugs' Uptime Project

tup (thargos)

Free Software Clients(GPL) for the Tugs' Uptime Project.

Description of the TUP taken from the website : The purpose of TUP is to keep an history of biggest "Uptime".

Uptime is time during a machine, a computer stays without restarting. In brief, time which a machine give a functionnality, whatever, continuously.

That’s a competition where goal is the honor of Geek, there is nothing to win other than satisfaction to be the first one of "Top List".

The uptime, a downright useless activity thus necessarily indispensable :)


Client libres pour le Tugs' Uptime Project.

Description du projet prise depuis le site web : Le but du TUP est de conserver un historique des plus gros "Uptime". L'Uptime est la durée pendant laquelle une machine, un ordinateur reste sans redémarrer. En bref, le temps qu'une machine passe à rendre un service, quel qu'il soit, sans interruption.

C'est un concours ou l'enjeu est l'honneur du Geek, il n'y a rien à gagner si ce n'est la satisfaction d'être le premier de la "Top List".

Le uptime, une activité carrément inutile donc forcément indispensable :)

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tuxgis (tuxgeo)

We promote and share free software for Geomatics (FOSS4G), including GIS, Geodesy and Remote Sensing.

Promovemos y compartimos software libre para Geomática, incluyendo SIG, Geodesia y Sensores Remotos.

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Ubuntu-FR Infra

ubuntufr (zed)

Le but du projet, est de permettre à l'équipe d'infrastructure d'Ubuntu-FR d'échanger des informations via un wiki, d'utiliser le GIT pour versionner ce dernier et stocker la documentation sur la plateforme technique, indépendamment de cette dernière.

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Virtual Hosting For Free Software (VHFFS)

vhffs4 (gradator)

VHFFS is a massive virtual hosting platform for free software.

Developped by admins, it can be used for massive hosting on several shared servers or for personal hosting on a single computer.

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webalasta (alasta)

Site contenant des tutos Linux, CISCO, OpenBSD, réseaux, ... Le site est sous license Art Libre

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