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fowljdr (fowlalgorn)

pour déposer notre jeu de rôle libre Fowlalgorn (si possible) et tous les "petits trucs" : utilitaires, contenu libre qui ne rentrent pas dans le projet visioo. (photos, modèles blender ...), modules pythons ... Un grand MERCI pour cet hebergement de qualité !

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gamedsl (tortoose)

GameDsl signifie Game Domain Specific Language. Ce projet fournit un méta-modèle permettant la description de jeux vidéos.

À partir du moment où l'utilisateur à décrit le jeu le projet génère le code source correspondant. Il est alors possible d'affiner le jeu en modifiant le code source généré.

GameDsl est sous licence GPL et vise à promouvoir la création de jeu vidéos libres.

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gapz2 (gapz)

Ce site à pour but de vous faire bénéficier des sources de mes différents projets (SWEET, gestionnaire de pense bête...), de mes thèmes fluxbox, ainsi que différentes sources et tutorials python et C/C++, le tout distribué sous licence GPL. Mais aussi de mettre à disposition un blog parlant essentielement d'actualité du logiciel libre, de rencontre du libre (Fosdem....) mais aussi de sécurité informatique.

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gdoss (evenixcorp)

GDOSS (Group of Devellopers for Open Source Softwares) - Projet : Créer un driver permettant de lire le format NTFS sous linux. - Création d'un système d'exploitation autonome et totalement intéractif.

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genepy (ygg) is a python application used to automatically generate network code for CAN protocols.

Its input can be an Excel file, a Can-Database (*.DBC), or CSV files.

It mostly targets embedded systems, although a desktop can be used too.

It is published under the RPL v1.5 license.

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git-cola: a highly caffeinated git gui

gitcola (davvid)

git-cola is a sweet, carbonated git gui known for its sugary flavour and caffeine-inspired features.

git-cola is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.

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glade2script (ansuzpeorth)

glade2script permet d'utiliser simplemet des fonctions GTK depuis un script. Il permet sans connaissances en GTK, de manier ses widgets depuis un script bash ou python par exemple. L'interface graphique utilisateur devra être crée via glade3. Licence GNU GPL3

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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock

glxdock (cairodock)

Cairo-Dock is a light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (under GPLv3 licence).

It uses Cairo / OpenGL to render graphics (many in correlation with Compiz) with full hardware acceleration. It's fully configurable and fully customisable and can be used as a taskbar too. You can easily add applets in the dock or as a desklet. It is recommended to install the PLUG-INS package (cairo-dock-plug-ins) to have acces to more views, dialogs and many plug-ins and applets. Some screenshots are available :

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gnumedia (brylie)

The aim of is to create a social network for multimedia productionists who use Free Software. This portal will contain Open Educational Resources relating to multimedia production using Software Libres. The portal will not contain advertisements and will have a strong privacy protection policy and practicum.

Side projects will include distributed project management, Free Software consultancy, Free Software Technical support network, online mapping framework, and solution implementation for Social Profit Organizations and individuals wishing to embrace the Free Culture Philosophy.

Licenses which are compatible and in harmony with the GNU GPL will be chosen for assets generated by projects. The primary license choices are the GNU GPL, AGPL, and CC-by-SA.

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Go Study Partner

gosp (pnprog)

GoSP is a GUI for game of go. It allows playing against GNU go, but its main purpose is not really to play against but to train with GNU Go. It implements some features of the Go Text Protocol which are usually not supported by other GUI or go programme. Those features allow the user, while playing against computer, to break the rules of game by

* playing several consecutive moves with the same color, * forcing the computer next move, * inverse your color with computer, * undoing several move to try an other variation,

and then asking the computer to keep going playing as if nothing had happened. Those features, associated with GNU go's joseki databases and deep reading capacity makes it suitable for the study of joseki and tsumego where many variations can be tryed. It can also be used to review a play alone, making comparaison between our moves and GNU go's moves.

GNU go is ranked as a 10 kyu player on KGS server. If you go level is far better than 10 kyu, playing against GNU go is not a challenge for you, and you may prefere look for a human patner.

GoSP is free software distributed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. This means that you can use, study, modify and redistribute - either gratis or for a fee - the program. See the license text for details.

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