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hblog (hiura)

(Licence du projet : CC-BY_SA.)

Un petit wiki sans prétention proposant des articles sur mes projets libres*, et expériences, principalement en programmation.

A little wiki unpretentious offering articles about my open* projects, and experiences, mainly in programming.

*licence CC-BY-SA.

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Hotel room reservation web application

hroomreserv (bonand)

Web Application for hotel room reservation management with online payment (credit card), extensible, flexible and completely free!!! (license GNU GPL)

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hydrogen (smoors)

Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

It is licensed under the GPL v2.

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italian wesnoth development and repository

itwesnoth (valdan)

Itwesnoth stems from a group of young developers (meet in the Italian forum of Wesnoth) to easily share and collaborate in the creation of extensions, and to always have available the latest version of the game. The group is divided as follows: -italian meeting point for the development of new extensions and their changes as: icons, ere, scenarios, translations, etc ... -repositories Ubuntu/Debian, Arch and in the future Redhat with stable and unstable versions updated, since the distributions are updated almost only stable package and even the latest version. All under the well known license GNU GPL.

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jargon (achraf)

Dictionnaire contenant tous les mots importants du Jargon Informatique. Disponible sous Linux et Windows.

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jIDEE: Java IDE for Education

jidee (mithat)

jIDEE is a free programming environment designed to satisfy the pedagogical requirements of introductory Java computer science and computer engineering courses. jIDEE functions as a wrapper around Oracle's Java Development Kit (JDK) and third-party text editors. It currently runs under Windows operating systems with versions for Linux and OS X in development.

jIDEE is currently released under the GNU General Public License v2.

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches taken toward programming environments in education. The first involves having students use professional grade, highly integrated development environments; the second eschews integrated development environments entirely and has students use general-purpose text editors for developing code and command-line tools for building and debugging programs. Each approach has its pros and cons.

jIDEE attempts to provide a development environment that combines the best of both worlds for first year computing courses. It has been designed as an easy to use though limited IDE that reveals the underlying structure of the code development process. We envision that after a developing programmer uses jIDEE for one or two semesters, the fundamentals of code development and project management will have taken root, and she or he will be ready for a full-fledged IDE.

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JiyuuSoft: Logiciels libres multi-plateformes

jiyuusoft (000)

Le but de mon projet est de créer un logiciel de calcul de pertes de charges hydrauliques. Ce logiciel sera principalement destiné aux professionnels. Dans sa version de base il permettra de faire un certain nombre de calcul simple puis dans ces versions futures je prévois l'utilisation de module graphique pour le rendre plus simple et plus convivial.

La licence retenu pour la distribution sera la GPL.

En espérant que ces informations vous satisferons.

Cordialement 000

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Les objets de la 3d

lesobjets (milou)

ce site sert a toutes les personnes passionné de la 3d et qui sont à la recherche de fichier à imprimer. Il est sous licence AGPL développé en HTML et CSS. Les fichiers mis a dispositions sont sou licence CC BY-SA ou CC BY (cela dépends des fichiers et de l'utilisateur qui mets à dispositions le fichier.)

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Maqinas Libres

maqlibres (qubotica)

Realizamos robots libres y mantenemos su software libre qublock

GNU General Public License v3.0

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Master Polska

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