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firegpg (theglu)

Licence: GPL

FireGPG is a Firefox extension that acts as an assistant for using GPG (GNU Privacy Guard).

It integrates itself into the context menu that appears when you right-click on a textare (for example) and adds a new menu with functions to allow you to sign and/or encrypt any text.

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fme (thymus)

Ce projet s'appelle Fluxbox Menu Editor. C'est un éditeur de menu pour Fluxbox =P

Ecrit en C et utilisant la librairie Gtk, ce logiciel aura une interface agréable.

L'ajout, modification, suppression d'entrée sera aisée. Le logiciel permettra de choisir le type d'entrée, le label, la commande et l'icône très simplement.

Le déplacement d'entrée sera lui aussi simple grâce au drag and drop.

Logiciel sous license GPLv2

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freegamearts (jkm)

"Free Game Arts promotes the use and development of free and "open source" game resources, including 3D models, sound effects, textures, games and development tools." ...has been always our slogen (since '99) and we are looking for a new host for our relativly well known free/libre game assets repository website.

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freevolive (highking)

Live cd based on Mandriva Linux, with Freevo preinstalled.

License: GPL

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frogz (sbb)

Frogz is a modular script for packaging under Linux Slackware (or whatever which can make and use Slackware packages). It allows you to package your softwares with a generic process you can adapt at every steps according to the specific needs of softwares.

The code of frogz is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2.0 (GPL)

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galette (gruiick)

Galette est un outil de gestion d'adhérents et de cotisations en ligne à destination des associations.

Licence : GPL v3 ou + Langage : PHP + SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL)

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gdoss (evenixcorp)

GDOSS (Group of Devellopers for Open Source Softwares) - Projet : Créer un driver permettant de lire le format NTFS sous linux. - Création d'un système d'exploitation autonome et totalement intéractif.

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geneweb (a2line)

GeneWeb is a genealogy software with a web interface developped in OCaml by Daniel de Rauglaudre. It can be installed locally on a stand-alone machine and on any web server.

GeneWeb is a free software distributed with a GNU General Public License and supported on Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

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Geoffray's personnal pages

geofperspage (fatalerrors)

Geoffray's personnal pages are about experience about Linux, KDE and Free Pascal. Some personnal software will be available via this site, under GPL license. Particularly YacIDE and Molar Mass. Any other cotents (blog, tips and trics) will also be available under free license, depending on the content (CC or FDL). So, welcome !

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