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lavilladel6 (jalbam)

La villa del seis is a multiplatform point-and-click graphical adventure in PHP and DHTML. Also, you can play it like a text adventure (interactive fiction) on a text browser or without JavaScript. You can use the motor to make your own adventure. The game uses Yasmina's Quest motor but altered and improved. You can use the motor/engine/parser to create your own adventure if you know PHP and JavaScript. Tested under PC (Windows, BeOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Syllable, SkyOS, etc), MAC (Mac OS 7.1, Mac OS X), console (Nintendo DS, PSP), etc. The game and motor are under MPL 1.1 license.

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leelabot (srwiez)

Leelabot est un bot d'administration pour vos serveurs Urban Terror (il est aussi dans une certaine mesure compatible avec Quake III Arena). Il est programmé en PHP et a été pensé pour être simple d'installation, d'utilisation, et de modification. Il vous propose un système de plugins simple d'utilisation et un système de droits extensible via l'ajout de plugins principalement. Il ne nécessite pas de base de données, peu de ressources et peu de connaissances pour savoir l'installer et l'utiliser. Ce projet est sous licence GPL.

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Longhorn Linux

lhlinux (cuonic)

Longhorn Linux is a ubuntu tranformation pack that aims to transform the user's desktop into that of the cancelled Microsoft OS : Longhorn. Licensed under GPL

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librehwdb (baud123)

Database for libre hardware working with Free OS like GNU/Linux, GNU/Hurd, *BSD, ...

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LilyPond community website

lilynet (vvillenave)

Are you interested in Free Software ? Do you write, read or play music ? Then LilyPond is meant for you!

This unofficial, informal website is about the LilyPond project and the community behind it. Here you will find news, interviews, reviews and stories; this is also the place where you can share your thoughts, ideas and comments.

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Linux à Vire (antenne du LUG Calvix - Calvados)

linuxavire (nthomasse)

Linux à Vire es l'antenne du Bocage Virois du LUG (Linux User Group) / GULL (Groupe d'Utilisateurs des Logiciels Libres) du Calvados, connus sous le nom de Calvix.. Nous faisons en moyenne 2 ateliers par mois, libre d'accès et sur la Culture Libre (pas uniquement les logiciels).. Nous avons déjà un site pouvant vous permettre de mieux nous connaître (, il ne correspond plus à nos besoins, nous avons notamment un problème de liste de diffusion..

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Le dictionnaire Littré pour Android

littre (ale6)

Consultez le dictionnaire Littré sur votre téléphone Android.

Le code source est disponible sur sous licence GPL3. Les données proviennent du projet XMLittré (sous GPL2).

Cet espace ayant pour but de permettre aux utilisateurs de télécharger le fichier d'index lors du premier lancement de l'application.

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lynxstep (slash)

LynxStep aims to create an operating system based on ideas borrowed from OPENSTEP and Mac OS X. It will be based on FreeBSD and GNUstep. The software will be released under the terms of BSD and GPL licenses.

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Metal Tower

metaltower (razi)

A free open-source clone of Icy Tower in 3D on license GPL

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Monkey Studio IDE

monkeystudio (pasnox)

Monkey Studio is a Free crossplatform Qt © 4 IDE licensed under GPL2 & GPL3.

It's primary goal was to offer a crossplatform IDE for Qt 4 prjects. It's now advance enough to extends it with plugins to allow custom projects type to be recognize ( vcproj, cmake ... ).

Same Development Environment on all Platforms It's developped using the Qt library itself. So it should run on every platform that Qt© 4 supports. This way you can work on your progress on every platforms in the same IDE. Developing cross-platform software can be so easy!

Uses Qt Project Files Monkey Studio uses Qt Project File (.pro) to manage the project. There are no extra files created. If you want to switch to other tools, the sources will not have any extra, IDE specific file cruft. Just the code you need.

And several other tools to ease coding:

project creation wizard synthax highlighting code completion gdb integration ability to manage files per platforms And so many that we can't enumerat all there !

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