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Q3A minimal distribution

q3min (q3admin)

The aim of the Q3MIN project is the creation of a freely distributable minimalistic game package compatible with Quake III Arena originally created by id Software. The package should be as small as possible and be able to provide all the functionality (game code and artwork) needed to load and play freely distributable levels (maps) that were created as add-ons for Quake III Arena. Game code shall be based on the ioquake3 engine (distributed under the GPL). Artwork shall be either created by our developers or adapted from existing freely distributable (GPL) games. We also plan to introduce modifications and new features to the game engine to enhance playing experience.

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qownnotes (pbek)

QOwnNotes is the open source notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that works together with the default notes application of ownCloud and Nextcloud.

License: GPL v2 Git-repository:

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rainmeter (poiru)

Rainmeter is a desktop customization tool for Windows that allows you to display weather, feeds, email, and more right on your desktop. This software is released under the GPL v2 license.

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Rheolef C++ library

rheolef (saramito)

Rheolef is a programming environment that serves as a convenient laboratory for mathematical computations involving finite element methods. Rheolef is both a C++ library and a set of commands for unix shell programming, providing algorithms and data structures.

Home page :

Rheolef licence : GPL-v2 (free software)

Rheolef is distributed in the Debian GNU/Linux system

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sawfish (nano)

The Sawfish windowmanager. A fast, flexible and extensible, lisp-based windowmanager.

Licensed under the GNU GPL v2

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Sawfish Pager

sawfishpager (nano)

The native pager of the Sawfish windowmanager.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v2+

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Scripts Snippets

scrippets (jjl)

Un espace pour regrouper et diffuser tous mes petits scripts et applications sous licence libre qui ne méritent pas un projet à part entière.

Par exemple : - pyGetMeteo : un script permettant de regrouper sur une page toutes les informations météo d'une région - easyAdmin : un script shell offrant une interface simple pour surveiller/manager un serveur sans interface graphique - rasterCatalog : un plugin pour QGis permettant de cataloguer et de retrouver facilement des cartes géolocalisées

Tous ces scripts sont sous licence GPLv2

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simulsnd (rniamo)

Ce logiciel est né du besoin d'étudiants de l'ENSIAME qui doivent pour leur projet de deuxième année faire une manifestation avec des stands d"écoute de divers sons.

SimuloSound mets en place une interface divisé en colonnes où chaque colonne intègre plusiseurs "mini players audio".

Toute l'interface est paramètrable (nombre de colonnes, nombre de players pour chaque colonne, titres, commentaires ...) via un fichier de configuration.

Ce logiciel utilise pour le moment SDL_mixer pour le son, Gtk+ pour l'interface et du C pour le reste.

La licence est la GPL (la même que pour GTK+).

Enfin je précise que ce logiciel n'est pas un projet étudiant mais m'a été demandé et sera utilisé par un projet étudiant. Aucune école ne possède aucun droit sur ce logiciel.

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skinny (mithat)

Summary: SkinnyDebbie is an installation scheme that makes it easy to set up a light-and-lean Debian-based Linux system. It should be especially useful for computer systems that are not powerful enough to run Gnome, KDE, or Xfce based systems.

All files are released under the GPL license.

Detailed description: SkinnyDebbie is a "distribution flavorizer" that sits on top of a minimal Debian Network Install. Its main task is to install and integrate the following windowing and desktop components into an efficient desktop environment:

* IceWM: a lightweight yet full-featured window manager * ROX-Filer: a fast and light file and desktop manager * Dropline Nuovo!: an icon set that is more inviting than the default Gnome icons * XDM: the classic display manager that is more resource-friendly than GDM or KDM

SkinnyDebbie also installs a handful of utilities and other applications that you will need to have a reasonably smooth GUI system, and it does as much configuration as it can for you. It installs a few custom scripts that simplify some basic system management stuff, and it configures some theme stuff so the whole experience is almost attractive.

It doesn't install a boatload of applications the way full-fat distributions do—mostly because if you are interested in running a light-and-lean setup you are probably challenged for storage space. Thus, I figured it was best to leave the decisions regarding what application software you need up to the user.

However, it does install Debian's branded version of Firefox and Thunderbird (called Iceweasel and Icedove respectively) because not having a Web browser and (arguably) email is almost insane. It also installs some media applications to help you get started with music and video playback in Linux.

Philosphy: We are calling SkinnyDebbie a "distribution flavorizer". It is not a Linux distribution; rather, it is a set of scripts that when run will configure a standard Linux distribution (a Debian Network Install in this case) to match a given target "flavor", using as much as possible the packages that are already part of and maintained by that distribution.

Why build SkinnyDebbie as a "flavorizer" instead of making an independent distribution ? Simple. A "flavorizer" approach lets light-and-lean users directly benefit from the security updates and other improvements/upgrades of a major distribution. A SkinnyDebbie user gets a light-and-lean system that is easy to install and 100% (ok ... 98%) pure Debian, which means the user can participate in and benefit from Debian's excellent community support and other resources. (Or, if I were trying to sound ubercool, I would say that it means the user can leverage Debian's excellent community support and other resources.)

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Supertuxkart Add-ons

stkaddons (stephenjust)

This site is a repository for karts and tracks which aren't include in the main package of SuperTuxKart, an open-source kart racing game. You can download the addons in your web browser and from within SuperTuxKart. You can also upload your add-ons. This add-ons will be released under an open-source license (Creative Commons or GPL). The site engine (written in php) is also under GPLv3.

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