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multipong (dawaien)

Il s'agit d'un jeu ressemblant à pong mais contre 3 adversaires au lieu d'un. Il peut se jouer tout seul contre l'ordinateur mais aussi contre des humains en réseau (en cours de dvpmt). Le jeu n'est que pédagogique, c'est pour cela qu'il est développé sous la licence GPL.

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Nawi World Explorer

nawi (db8200)

Nawi is an open-source multi-platform alternative to well-known applications that display Earth or other planets in 3D (virtual globes).

It is written in C++, using OpenGL and wxWidgets and is released under the GPLv3. Data used in this program is downloaded from public domain data sets, or data sets made accessible for free software.

In the future, Nawi should benefit from the huge community of Linux open-source developers, and include features that do not exist in any other existing application.

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nebulus (pbrochart)

Nebulus est un plugin de visualisation pour XMMS, il utilise SDL/OpenGL.

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Newton Adventure

newtonadv (devnewton)

Newton Adventure est un jeu de plateforme 2D où le joueur dirige Newton, un héro très particulier puisqu'il a le pouvoir de modifier la gravité, à travers des niveaux renversants!

Les codes sources du jeu et de l'éditeur de niveaux sont sous licence BSD.

Les données du jeu (niveaux, graphismes et sons) sont sous licence Creative Commons (CC-by-sa).

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newtpuzzle (elderme)

Newt is an Essential Waste of Time !

Le principe de cette compilation de petits jeux : prendre un concept de jeu de réflexion simple et plan (puissance 4 par exemple) et le passer en 3D au niveau de l'affichage mais aussi de la jouabilité (ainsi le puissance 4 se joue dans un cube).

Ce projet multiplateforme, sous license GPL 3, est réalisé en C++ et OpenGL.

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Q3A minimal distribution

q3min (q3admin)

The aim of the Q3MIN project is the creation of a freely distributable minimalistic game package compatible with Quake III Arena originally created by id Software. The package should be as small as possible and be able to provide all the functionality (game code and artwork) needed to load and play freely distributable levels (maps) that were created as add-ons for Quake III Arena. Game code shall be based on the ioquake3 engine (distributed under the GPL). Artwork shall be either created by our developers or adapted from existing freely distributable (GPL) games. We also plan to introduce modifications and new features to the game engine to enhance playing experience.

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rdckgame documentación CC0


recaged (slinger)

ReCaged is a Free Software, Futuristic, Racing Game.

With the main inspiration taken from the "Rollcage" and "Rollcage: Stage II" games, it has been written from scratch with focus on high simulation realism and flexibility. It also supports highly detailed 3D models for both rendering and collision detection.

All code is licensed under GPLv3, and all media files are under free licenses such as: GPLv3, All-Permissive and similar free licenses (such as CC-BY-SA).

More information, downloads and git repository can be found at:

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scengine (yno)

The SCEngine project, which stands for Simple C Engine, is a set of tools and libraries distributed under the GNU GPLv3 providing an OpenGL rendering engine. It intends to break the compatibility with the old versions of the GL in order to offer a large set of modern rendering techniques.

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Square N Shoot

sns (sunlightgam)

Square N Shoot is a 2d top-down shooter for Windows, MacOS, Linux and other systems that are support OpenGL 3.1. You have to kill as much enemies before you die. Try to beat other players in score. The game is licensed under the the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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