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taptempo (mzf)

TapTempo is a command line tap tempo. Just type "taptempo" in a terminal and hit the enter key at a regular rate to get the corresponding tempo in BPM (beats per minute).

This project is released under GPL-v3.

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tarzhiou (ismaelilias)

A puzzle game, inspired from Atom on Atari that made my child life funny.

Aims are : - extended and more precise rules - multiplatform (but based on Java) -> native with GCJ, JVM, Android, ... - have fun with the game as with the code

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TASTE toolchain

taste (maxime1008)

The TASTE toolchain stands for "The ASSERT Set of Tools for Engineering" and aims at providing free-based tools for the development of safety-critical systems. It is composed of model analyzers, parsers and other materials needed for the design, validation and implementation of safety-critical and embedded software. Tools are released under free licences (such as GPL or BSD).

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tetrissimus (jalbam)

Tetrissimus is an open source "Tetris" alike game totally written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML) that uses keyboard. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Windows and others.

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tift (guillaumeh)

TIFT is a team of programmers for Texas Instruments calculators. We program mostly in Z80 assembly, for TI-83, TI-83+ and TI-84+. Our projects are mostly under public domain/BSD-like licences.

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Tiny Bash CGIs

tinybashcgis (rearleharris)

Tiny Bash CGIs include the Blink public blog and the Treebeard community topical forest. All are designed to run in the cgi-bin of any Unix webserver. All are released under the GNU General Public License.

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tm290 (dastick)

How-to sur la configuration de GNU/Linux (plus spécifiquement Debian) sur un Acer Travelmate 290. How-to sous licence GNU FDL.

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toastertech (planglois)

This is a personal website and blog about free software and hardware. The purpose is to share both tutorials/articles/hacks as well as personal projects in order to show how easy and fun experimenting with technology can be.

Why "Toaster" ?

- Hacking with a toaster was the very firt idea I had as a kid, since then I've always somehow liked tosaters... - "Toasters" is a familiar word for the "cylons" in Battlestar Galactica TV series. A robot is nothing but a smart toaster.

Licencing information:

- Every projects will be released under GPL or LGPL. - Tutorials, blog posts or any other contents including graphics will be under CC BY-SA.

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Treematk PHP tree visualizer

treematk (yuwash)

A server-based tree diagram visualizer generating simple HTML lists out of a submitted string, displayed as a tree using CSS; The resource-saving PHP script uses nested arrays, which are optimum for creating trees with flexible child numbers (not only binary trees). All the components of the opensource project should be licensed under the GNU LGPL license ( to let both free and proprietary software developers take advantage of it.

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tremulous ServerConf

tremservconf (lepoulpe303)

Tremulous ServConf is as software intended to ease Tremulous server configuration and Management.

Features planned : -------------------

- Create server configuration from scratch or load existing configuration - Easy server setup through GUI - Save commented configuration file

License : LGPL

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