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libRadis: a PHP5 utility library for website/tools development

libradis (lebouquetin)

libRadis is a 100% object oriented PHP5 utility library.

Its goal is to give easy and object oriented access to tools like local file access, path concatenation, arrays manipulation, etc.

The library is licenced under the BSD licence.

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miniini (kiithsa)

MiniINI is a a free/open source (X11/MIT License), minimalistic, fast and simple to use C++ library for reading ini (or cfg) files. It has no dependencies and should compile on any platform with a standard compliant C++ compiler (although it requires C99 support).

The goal of MiniINI is not to support a myriad of extensions to the common INI format, but to be easy to use and to read (and, in future, write) ini files as quickly as possible.

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moneta (jeromeb)

Moneta is a simple agent-based free market simulator engine.

Based on "Emergent Economies for Role Playing Games" by Jonathon Doran and Ian Parberry.

Inspired by BazaarBot :

This engine consists of various "Agents" trading commodities, with emergent free-floating prices that rise and fall according to the laws of supply and demand.

The eventual goal is to provide an open-source "Economics engine" for games and simulations, much like contemporary open-source "Physics engines."

License : MIT

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Navigation and positioning protocols

npprotocol (fantomid)

Project to hold libraries that decode information coming from navigation and positioning devices (For example, libubx for the u-blox binary protocol). Libraries released in LGPL.

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Ocaml Irrlicht

ocamlirr (axiles)

An Ocaml binding to the Irrlicht library.

License : zlib (the same as irrlicht)

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Open Filtering Library

openfl (cassinaj)

FL is an open source C++ lightweight template Bayesian filtering library.

License: MIT Url:

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owaves bay

owaves (rfouard)

Owaves Bay is a website who show how it's easy to create games with Open Source Engines. All codes on this site will be under GPL, and I want to create my personnal game with Ogre to support the Open Source for software.

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Pascal Utility

pasutility (jeromeb)

A collection of various Free Pascal utility classes and functions : - Generic collections - Message bus - File handling - Internationalization and localization

Pascal source files are released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3.0. Documentation is released under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) version 1.3

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pymnl (robinson)

pymnl (rhymes with hymnal) is an LGPL-licensed pure Python re-implementation of libmnl and provides a minimal framework for communicating with Linux Netlink.

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