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Ocaml Irrlicht

ocamlirr (axiles)

An Ocaml binding to the Irrlicht library.

License : zlib (the same as irrlicht)

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Open Combat

opencombat (khairul169)

MIT Licensed Tactical Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game Made with Godot Engine

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Open Filtering Library

openfl (cassinaj)

FL is an open source C++ lightweight template Bayesian filtering library.

License: MIT Url:

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proxallium (thedcoder)

ProxAllium's goal is to make using Tor (Not to be confused with Tor Browser) easier for normal everyday users to circumvent censorship and be anonymous while using internet-based services (up to some extent). It's basically a wrapper for Tor, except that it tries to be more than that 😉.

The code is licenced under MIT.

Thanks for reading!

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repoforenly (curiouseag)

Repo for Manjaro Enly (custom enlightenment desktop based on manjaro linux).

This repo contains prebuild software from different sources. All are providen by a GPL or BSD or MIT or DoWhatTheFuckYouWant license.

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Response Bots for Twitch

responsebot (murks)

Simple utility bots for Twitch.

Written in Lua they communicate using a minimal subset of IRC over websockets as well as the Twitch REST API.

License: MIT

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Saigkills Backtrace


tuxhomepage (huluti)

TuxHomepage est une page d'accueil pour navigateur visant les utilisateurs de distributions Linux.

Le projet est sous license MIT et le code est disponible sur Github :

Publier ce projet sur un hébergeur libre tel que TuxFamily permettrait de donner un accès plus rapide à cette page. Si ma demande est acceptée, je placerais volontiers un lien vers votre site web.

Merci de votre lecture, en attente de votre réponse.

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