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Santé Libre

santelibre (nicoals)

Le réseau Santé Libre encourage les professionnels de santé et leurs étudiants ou apprentis à utiliser les Logiciels Libres.

Sauf mention contraire, toutes les œuvres de l'esprit produites dans le cadre du réseau Santé Libre sont placées à la fois sous la Licence Art Libre 1.3 (, la GNU Free Documentation Licence 1.3 (, et la Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 (

Le réseau Santé Libre se réserve donc le choix d'utiliser une ou plusieurs autres licences Libres lorsque cela lui semblera approprié.

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sarchart (sebek)

SAR Chart is a set of tools to parse SAR and to produce some nice bargraphs from the activity of your computers. It is released under the GPL. It is web based and is developed in PHP.

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SAR Charts

sarcharts (shadok)

SAR Charts est une interface Web pour afficher les données, fournies par SAR (System Activity Report, du paquet sysstat) sur les serveurs Linux et Unix, avec des graphiques.

Repo GitHub sous GPL v3 :

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scengine (yno)

The SCEngine project, which stands for Simple C Engine, is a set of tools and libraries distributed under the GNU GPLv3 providing an OpenGL rendering engine. It intends to break the compatibility with the old versions of the GL in order to offer a large set of modern rendering techniques.

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sd84 (sloane)

Librairie en C pour la carte USB SD84 de la société Devantech. Cette librairie contient 3 types de fonctions: - Entrée/sortie numérique. - Sortie pour servomoteurs de modélisme. - Entrées analogiques 10 bits.

Cette librairie et livrée avec des exemples indépendants: - allumer/éteindre une LED, - faire l'acquisition d'une valeur analogique convertie en une valeur numérique - pilotage de servos moteur. Makefile, readme, quelques photos et autres documentation relatif aux exemples.

Ce projet est distribué sous la licence GPL.

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SegensBBS Forum

segensbbs (segentra)

Sad Update: We were unable to fork the Burning Board® Lit script.:( Why this? We were unable to emulate the core updater/packets that helped ran the Lit core. But hey look at the bright side, I was able to finish my other forum project. :)

SegensBBS v2 is a heavily modified version of the PunBB+ script.


fast and lightweight PHP-powered. Private messages. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases. Easy to administrate and moderate. Very easy to modify.

Upcoming features:

Mobile support view. Polls.

SegensBBS is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

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seifaul (murks)

sei_FauL - be lazy

An Ecasound front-end, written in Lua.

Ecasound is a hard-disk recording and audio processing tool for Unix-like systems. It exists since many years and has seen many front-ends, yet there's only one actively developed one, and while it is a nice CLI front-end, its graphical version is lacking.

The goal of sei_FauL is to fill this gap and become a graphical Front-end for Ecasound that is fast to use, provides actually useful features and is reasonably nice to look at.

sei_FauL is still in the early stages of development. The current state is "proof of concept", it features full CLI control of Ecasound and a fast to use 'takes' concept. A basic GTK+ GUI is among the next goals.

It is licensed under GPL3 (NOT "or (at your option) any later version.)".

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sge (freundlich)

sge is a portable open source graphics engine written and usable in C++. It makes heavy use of the language features provided by C++ and of the utilities found in the boost library, while maintaining a high level of conformity and portability (we compile with the highest warning and standard assurance levels enabled). It currently features an extremely high performance sprite library for fast 2D drawings, as well as basic 3D support (no higher level features like model loading supported yet). There are also plugins for image loading, audio loading and playback, and work has begun on an extensive documentation including lots of examples and tutorials.

The project is licensed under the LGPL version 2.

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sheetphp (sheet)

Sheet est un logiciel web développé en PHP mettant à disposition des outils de gestion de fiches à destination des forums ou sites hébergeant des jeux de rôles.

Le logiciel sera mis à disposition sous licence MPL.

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slangtng (swolff)

A tool combining the Lua scripting language with linear algebra, stochastics, finite elements and more. License: BSD. Targetted audience: scientists, students, engineers.

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